Players that Essendon play into form

Finlayson. For years. Flogs us always.

From the past Jarrod Waite and one of the Rawlings boys

Tabenar from Freo is the king of this award.


Nick Gill.

Sam Reid.

Any third tall or VFL-quality players.

Edit. SPP*

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Finlayson has been the number 1 ranked ruck in the comp since the bye.

Pretty much every Port player.


Jimmy Lufton.

Trent hentschel
Jarrad grant
Alan Didak

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Steele Sidebottom.

Any key defender who gets to zone off thanks to our predictable high long slow kicks in.

Sam Reid.

Sam Powell Pooper

Coming into today he averaged 10 disposals against us.
Flogged us today, but definitely not a regular thing for him

We always make Powell-Pepper look like an A-grader. He reverts back to C+ against everyone else.

Any Collingwood random on ANZAC Day


Neville Bartos would kick 10 against us as well.

Lol!!! Didak is a Copeland Trophy winner, and was a 2 time All Australian and one of the better small fwds in the comp. Not sure he’s in this category.

Always dined out on us though

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Mark McGough would be the trope namer.

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Is this the review thread :joy:

This thread makes it clear how many people don’t really watch games outside of Essendon


Mason Cox is due isn’t he? Waiting for next year.

Casboult was relatively quiet this year.

Carlton’s McGovern also.

This is a fun thread… remember the old days of Brett Spinks / Ben McKinnley types would just come out of nowhere with a bag of tricks.

So far there doesn’t seem to be one… perhaps by design.