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Essendon sponsors stuck thick through the SAGA, so I am not going to pay out too hard on Toll and Paul Little…

However…every right wing facist rally has thugs in Toll uniforms belting people. I would assume Toll management hunt them down and fire them…or do they?.. it does raise the question about culture - these guys obviously feel this behaviour won’t get them into trouble at work…otherwise they wouldn’t wear their Toll gear would they?

This might wind up being the time a sponsor embarrasses Essendon if it continues.

Hey AVanderScreamer. I have (some) good news for you.

Toll are no longer an Essendon sponsor, nor are they owned by Paul Little.

Pretty shocked that anyone would do that type of thing in a work uniform…

Oh… well that is great news and I am the one who embarrassed about not being up to speed on this.
Thanks for the prompt reply!

This is why I love Blitz - quick answers! :slight_smile:

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The guy abusing Dastyari was an ex-Toll employee who kept his shirt.

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Close thread?

Yeah, … truck it off…


Can’t, the wheels have fallen off