Police Assaulted in Wild Brawl




She was celebrating a 30th birthday and her child is 3 years old. She is allowed to go out, granted not the best decision to be out at 3am in st kilda. But I would not judge her on being out late at night.

I think what really sparked things off from the video is when she gets hit by the cop after she attacks him. Everything goes bad after that, and drunk angry men start going after the cops.


Have never thrown a punch in nearly half a century on this planet. I look very dimly on anyone who has (unless in self defence).

Smacking someone’s head 6 times into the concrete goes well beyond acceptable (or even rational) behaviour. Hopefully they throw the book at the whole fkn lot of them.


Was just an observation on the chain of events from the video.

I completely agree it is unacceptable.


Not sure what I’d do if someone cracked my wife’s head open with a torch.


Yeah well it was a cop, what is the motto don’t ever touch a cop. Saying that in the calm light of day when not under the influence of alcohol is different to the heat of the moment. Having said that my wife does not drink or go out late at night, and would not attack a cop. So I guess I doubt I will ever have to contend with that situation

But the guy smashing the cops head into the ground was not the brother or husband/boyfriend. It was someone else.


Media reports allege that she punched a cop who was engaged in a fight with the brother.


5 years per head slam should do it

It’s not just about the individual incident, now that every cop has seen this footage they won’t want to be the next one with their head being slammed into concrete, many will be more inclined to err on the side of using more force, earlier than they otherwise would and should.


Lucky we’ve got a great Premier



That bloke is farked will get minimum 10 years jail you just don’t assault police officers who are doing their job in protecting the community.

edit- He’s lucky that our cops aren’t like the ones in America. if this happen in the US the cop would have shot him dead.


Let’s hope so. Absolute scum the lot of them


He’s white so he has a 50/50 chance of being shot dead or just well beaten.


Oh for sure they would have belted the ■■■■ out him pretty ruthless the cops in the US imo.


Was the officers response reasonable given the situation? I don’t know, it could potentially be argued either way I think. He was in a vulnerable position, and just got hit. But did he need to club her with a torch, or could have he used less excessive force. I think that will also have to be considered amongst all this.

I agree that those who assaulted the police should all be in massive trouble. I’m not trying to justify their actions, they are clearly unjustifiable. But, the whole situation needs to be assessed.


Except on this occasion, people have actually been charged.


And this is what happens when the Greens and civil libertarians have a say and disarm the cops. Cops first thought those days is “if I hit him, will I be put up in front of the police integrity unit”

Cops can’t defend themselves these days because if they hurt the offender, they get shamed for it.


Why I couldnt be a cop. But absolutely love and admire them. (despite the toll it has on their persona which can make them unlike able)

Dealing with human beings at their worst.


Where and how have the greens been responsible for disarming police?

I’d suggest cops have taken this approach themselves given their previous record.


Have the police been disarmed? I can’t remember the uniformed copper that didn’t have their sidearm on them


In what universe does this situation call for the use of a gun?

What a load of unfounded bullshit. Cops have more tools in their arsenal than ever before. Having standard practices for dealing with potentially violent incidences, that encourage deescalation should always be the first approach. Just look at America, where innocent people posing no threat are shot and killed all the time by police, for what can happen when you have the wrong approach.