Police Assaulted in Wild Brawl

Anyone see the footage of this? Out of control.

Here is the link

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What the ■■■■ is wrong with people?


Yeah I saw that.

Farking disgusting and I hope that get time.

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Even if the child care worker does not get time, I highly doubt she will be working in child care in the near future.

Living in Melbourne I’m afraid to go out to restaurants for fear of attacks by gangs of … blonde Anglo-saxon childcare workers and plumbers. Why aren’t white community leaders condemning this sort of thing?


Apparently it started over a dispute with a transgender person. They had an argument and then the child care worker’s brother kicked the transgender person in the crotch even before the police stuff went down.

Sounds like a great bunch of people.


Vic Pol will make more arrests tonight.

Occupational hazard.

I hear one of the thugs is already out on bail, and one of the others will seek bail tomorrow. You want to know what’s wrong with this state it’s the fracking judiciary that believe softly softly is the best approach. How many ■■■■■ have they let on bail that have gone on and murdered innocent people.

Lucky we’ve got a great Premier who promised what 5 years ago that criminals will feel the force of the law and he will stop the gangs.



Do you know why they are on bail?



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I’m of two minds on stuff like this. The educated, rational, data driven, science trained part of me knows that effective rehabilitation is the best approach to most crime. I know the most effective police strategy is de-escalation, I know it prevents police shooting people. I understand all this.

The part of me that is an emergency responder sees how much less respect police have these days. In past decades that group that repeatedly smashed a cop’s head in the ground would be severely dealt with. These days there’s little fear of retaliation for assaulting police.

The respect I have for cops knows no bounds. To be in the middle of that, surrounded by threats from all sides and to not pull your weapon?!?! Seriously, that’s an amazing level of restraint.


Nope I heard it on the Channel 7 news report, - I Nearly chocked.

What happened to the gold old days when Vic Pol adapted a shoot first policy


The woman bailed has a small child and her partner did not get bail

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Wonder who was looking after the child when its mother was busily bashing a police officer in the head at 3 a.m. in the morning?

And for that, bail was granted, as the mother was deemed not to be a risk to the community. Come again?


Setting a wonderful example for her child.


Reportedly she threw one punch and - deservedly - got a whack on the head for it.
If anyone throwing a punch did not get bail, the remand centre would be overflowing.


Ask the families of David Hookes or Patrick Ronin the effect that a single punch can have.

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You have to consider the effect of said punch.