Political Correctness


If you want a snapshot view try the Netflix series “Explained” on the gender wage gap. And the one on political correctness


I meant the opposite. People that put the company up on a pedestal. Especially big business. The dream job imo is a well run small business.


People who play the “for the company” game and toe the line often get rewarded

People who actually believe it are probably also in hillsong or scientology or some other cult.


Yep, that’s what I read.


The point at which I stopped trying to be open-minded to this point of view was ‘alpha male.’


The highlighted word is where everyone tends to trip up. Like DJR said, humans by nature are pretty terrible at being objective.

Unconscious biases exist in everyone, and they’re based on life experience to date. Because of most capitalism’s history has men in the powerful and high profile roles at a company, people have grown up with this assumption that men perform better in these roles. And so that unconscious bias comes into play when someone who isn’t an Anglo bloke gets held to a higher scrutiny in the selection process. Their resume gets looked at in more detail, they get more questions asked in interviews, because we want to make sure they are competent.

There’s probably a million cases around the world of people looking at someone from a minority getting a high ranking position and thinking straight away (because of unconscious bias) “they must be a quota hire” without considering that they may actually be have been the best person for the job.

I could ramble for hours about things like systematic bias and confirmation bias and how women have historically had less opportunities to develop the experience that seems to be so desperately needed, but I won’t.

HR is not a science. Have all the checks and balances you want, every single hiring decision comes down someone at some point along the line going, “uhhhh let’s pick that one.” Having quotas is not the best way to overcome these biases, but it’s the best that there is for now until there’s a universally accepted way to get around the biases.

(NB: Having unconscious bias is not a negative thing and it doesn’t make you a bad person)

(Anecdote: at my last job I was the front line of HR, screening resumes, phone interviews etc. For the last two hires I did for them, I removed names and geographical references (eg: University of ______) from the applications before I started them and handing the shortlist off to the powers that be. Shortlist was 5w & 3m, 7 born outside Aus. Stark stark contrast to the profile of the rest of the company.)


Also (SWEEPING GENERALISATION ALERT) women tend not to “chase” higher roles because they look at recent world history and go “yeah nah they won’t pick me anyway”


Fark, you are a bigger dinosaur than me! Congratulations


Further sweeping generalisation.

The biggest impediment is still children. Women take a few years out of the workforce or go part time etc. this is generally right at the critical point in a career late 20’s early 30’s. The men who don’t and are still working 60 hour weeks get a few promotions ahead.

Lots of workplaces are coming to grips with this which is a positive.


I hired a man once, and he was terrible.
Not on me, obviously.
Men are just ■■■■.


There is a lot of bullshit on this site, but this might be the biggest bullshittery of them all.


Reminds me of a guy who asked me to be a referee for him.
I said that would be a really bad idea.

‘What do you want me to say? Because I’m guessing it’s not, ‘Arrives late more often than not, does exactly as much work as is strictly necessary, clearly does not care about this job…but, hey, I’m sure he’ll smash it with you guys?’

I didn’t begrudge the guy. Some jobs are just jobs and that’s cool. But, you know…

Oh, man…and that reminds me of another guy who said I legally had to say nice things about him, and he’d sue if I didn’t.

I’ve met some weird guys.


You’re on bomberblitz.


Alpha males.
Because we’re actually wolves that don’t act like real actual wolves.
A myth about a myth.

I still don’t understand what sector we’re talking about, but working in an area like ED, where the absolute last thing you care about is the gender of the doctor, where you see women in high pressure situations pretty friggin’ regularly and it’s only this discussion that makes me think of them as women at all…

I can’t relate to where this is coming from at all.

But it seem to me that whatever industry we’re talking about, it Really needs quotas.
Like, more than advertising in the seventies needed it.


I think it’s a good idea to encourage women to apply for jobs in typically male dominated fields (e.g. law enforcement), and vice versa (nursing I’m guessing). However, IMO it’s obvious both women and men have the propensity to do certain jobs, and I don’t see what the issue is with that.


Whenever they talk about girls not doing well in the mathematics subjects, I just remember that the top students in both Mathematics and Statistics in my final honours year in 1974 were both girls.

One went off and got a PhD at Oxford and then came back to Melbourne in her 50’s, qualified and practised as an actuary.

Another girl from our year became professor of Pure Mathematics at Melbourne Uni and only retired a year or two back.


Women, love 'em. Actually married an outstanding one. Don’t understand how she puts up with me.
I don’t see many women asking to work in some of the following jobs.

Slaughterhouse worker
Asbestos removal
Collecting roadkill

Make of that what you will.


I’m a mere male but if I put my lightning box to the test I keep coming up with this answer : they’re not stupid.


I’ve heard around the traps from a few different places (third-hand in law and medical fields, second-hand in IT) is that some graduates are doing the kids thing first for 6-7 years before entering the workforce at the bottom end. Obviously there needs to be a fair bit working in their favour for that to be feasible, but it’s an interesting approach nonetheless. Quite common among graduates who move here apparently.


With all that high powered maths, they probably understand about kurtosis.