Political Correctness


Always hated The Sound of Music.


Banning far-right Austrian nationalists from a party literally started by an ex-nazi speaking disparagingly about other religions

Political correctness gone mad ™ !


At least Mohammed waited until Aisha was abut 9 or 10 before he consummated his marriage with her, so he couldn’t have been that much of a paedophile.


Disabled people are put on first on an airplane because they will be the last ones off in the mad scramble to get out.

exit rows have got nothing to do with getting the exit door open most quickly.

the safest part of the plane is actually the tail.


I too enjoy nangs.


Planes don’t back into mountains.



was just thinking how I assumed it was just common courtesy to let disabled passengers on first.

but it actually ain’t. it’s because they know they wont get off on time during an emergency.


Closest to the loos?



The servo around the corner from me is run by an Indian family. They all wear a name tag that says:

“Hello, my name is Apu.”

Even the wife.




I can’t seem to get SBS on demand on my Xbox.
I went looking for the doco last night.

Before seeing it, I’d think if The Simpsons had their time again they’d rethink the octuplets.
Other than that, I think they’re reasonably respectful to him.
The arranged marriage, the Hinduism, the veganism.

If it’s just about the voice (and who voices it)…I guess I can see that it’s a bit Mind Your Language.


Lol, Yep,… they’ve assimilated to the point of Aussie self deprecation, … warms the cockles doesn’t it??

I’m not crying!! … you’re crying!! :smirk:


Ah, its because they either have to use a special elevator to get the passengers up to the entry & so the stairs need to be clear or in the case of aircraft at a walk in terminal they allow the disabled passengers to enter 1st so they don’t block the other passengers. They also do this quite often for parents that have young children that need extra time to clear the aisle. Its not some consolation prize for certain death in the case of an emergency.


Why the surprise? Let’s say women have 2 children, that’s 24 months off work with maternity leave. Then when she comes back, it might be for part time hours for another 8-12 months. That’s a fair bit of time off work where others will have gone past them


That’s ok, as long as the same happens when people make insulting remarks about Jesus, Buddah, the Scientology god whoever it is and the rest of the religions.


So if white kids shouldn’t dress up as Black Panther for Halloween does this mean the majority of other superheroes who are white (Superman, Batman, Spiderman etc) are off limits to any other races? I get that specifically blackface has some historical significance but I’m not seeing how a non black kid wanting to pay homage to a strong black character is a bad thing.


i listen to the black panther soundtrack, am i racist?


It was a rather depressing thought that I had.

Thanks for brightening my day