Political Correctness


KFC is a smart dude. He’s not saying we didn’t fight in the war.

I’m guessing He’s referring to the actual real thing of ANZACS, where our army and the new zealand army was combined into one corps. In WW2 that was only the Greece campaign @benfti mentioned. The rest of the war even if we fought along side each other we were seperate divisions.


That’s pretty silly semantics, if you ask me.

It’s used as a shorthand for all Aus and NZ servicemen and women. We thank them all on ANZAC day.


Massively, look at what they teach if Australian history in schools

Day 1: captain cook sailed into Botany Bay and all was wonderful


It’s was in a thread covering the rally in St Kilda


No, it’s…Day One: Captain Cook shot all the aborigines and all the cities and towns and laws and governments just spontaneously birthed themselves from the natural flora.


Let’s not under value what happened in Greece, it responsible was 10% of the total numbers we lost in WW2 and 50% of our POW’s it was a massive part of our WW2 involvement.


Wow, you went to good school.

We had one book in the library, a picture book of the rainbow serpent. That was the extent of Aboriginal history we got taught, and I had 5 indigenous kids in my class through primary school.

We did a re- enactment of captain cooks landing in grade 3, back when Australia Day wasn’t a public holiday. We made the endeavour and “sailed” it around the netball court in front of the whole school. 4 of the 5 indigenous kids had to carry it while a few of us waved from inside.

Fun times, the early 80’s in Dandenong


It’s both.
And you can pretend it’s only one for as long as you like, it will never make it true.
You can wish to make Australia’s day the one where the Dutch sailed off and contributed nothing as much as you like, but it won’t change how this nation was actually born.

You want to tear down Batman’s statue.
I want to add a plaque underneath it that says, ‘y’know…he actually did this other stuff that wasn’t so great…’


I’m not arguing how the nation as we know it today was born, I’m just saying we need to be teaching proper Australian history in schools, and the fact that this nation is 60,000 years old, not a couple of hundred


But it’s not.


As a populated one it is, 60,000 years ago Australia may have been primitive, but with people on it, it’s still a nation


It’s not this nation though.


People, on this land, how is it not?


You’re using nation wrong.


Am I?


How is the current Australia United with 60,000 years ago?


It’s when this land, our country we all share first became inhabited.

This land which we all share, is home to the oldest culture on earth


How can we expect people to embrace multiculturalism if clearly people fail to acknowledge this county had a culture long before the brits landed, and that the boomerang (shout out @theDJR) is as relevant to our history as captain cooks hat


Btw, this isn’t about political correctness, this is about being historically accurate.


Completely agree.

There will always be a push to the current majority inhabitants claiming the creation of a nation but we can already see what happens when it is either:

Pointed out its not exclusively theirs/ours
Others take the same steps to inhabit that don’t look like them/us