Okay, how should it be said?


Perhaps a law suit coming against Andrew Bolt also. Same words put in different manner.



taps mic
Is this thing on?


Far more diplomatic I would have thought.
Disclaimer: Haven’t seen the video.


Probably how an adult would say it.


Pretend you’re an adult, then.


This Barnaby thing has got a bit of whif about it. They won’t let up until he’s gone.

But he will just go to the backbench or wherever it is they slink off to a cushy role with a heaps of perks.

Does anyone actually get sacked from parliament, other than when voted out?


I think I’ve figured it out. This is all some brilliant scheme to make Abbott look comparatively palatable again.


Someone tweeted that Damien Drum has not had as much publicity about anyone in his employ since he delisted Spider Burton.


A great line.

What a joke this mob is (Lying Nasty Party) Vote these phuckwits out.


The world has gone crazy when an article references a complaint made about Barnaby in 2015 about an incident that occurred in 2011.


Birmingham is a professional satirist, in case you hadn’t you noticed


I suggest you look at his body of work.

He writes some satire but not all the time. Not even half the time.


They weren’t partners.

He was just her side piece. You go girl!



I don’t really care. I’ve read enough of Birmingham to know that a good proportion of his work is fairly satirical. And if someone wants to go to town on Joyce at this point, that’s fine with me. He’s dug his own grave.


Anything to make himself look half decent again. He’s a tool.


Has the article been ammended? What could Joyce sue for?


If a judge agreed that any article was written to defame and cause personal damage to Barnaby in spite of it being truthful, Barnaby could win.


He better sue before the 18 month E12 window expires.