Post Bye Hangover: what causes it and how to overcome it

Its not a problem for the mid season bye in 2024 any more but maybe a factor in the finals for some teams.

First we need to understand what causes it. If we know that. Its possibly a way to gain advantage.

Is it excessive alcohol consumption during the bye, testosterone depletion, excessive luxury food consumption, disturbance to routine, or more specifically, some kind of psychological disturbance to work ethic?

This happened to so many teams its not a random effect, it must be possible to beat it.

Tough quirk Of the draw.

That or too much fortnite at Lav’s place

This is what confused me. Why is the bye in finals seen as such a benefit but mid-season it’s a killer?

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Don’t go do hard on bye weekend and if you do drink lots of water

this is about the extent of it

to beat it you need to find a way to have players not look forward to it

send them to bali midweek

No chance, unless you finish in the 8.