Post-draft Best 22


Definitely agree with those. I’ve been harsh on Belly but he had quite a good season all things considered (year off, injury in pre season etc). Here’s hoping he can put in a consistent season next year (I realise this is ambitious but it’s probably his best chance).


I was quite amazed by TBC’s season. Did not think he would make it past Leuey.

But yes WOB, I agree with all your points. The thing is, we do have contenders to solve each of those issues. But we won’t know whether they have successfully made the transition until a fair way through next season.


If any rating has Joey in the same stratosphere as Bellcho, ignore it completely.


After much indecision about Hookers position, which is completely team changing, I’ve decided on a best 22. It’s probably not right and it’s particularly hopeful that Francis will come from nowhere and grab a spot in the backline, but one can dream.

B: Mark Baguley - Michael Hartley - Aaron Francis
HB: Adam Saad - Michael Hurley - Conor McKenna
C: Andrew McGrath - Darcy Parish - David Zaharakis
HF: Jake Stringer - Joe Daniher - Devon Smith
F: Orazio Fantasia - Cale Hooker - Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti

R: Thomas Bellchambers - Dyson Heppell - Zach Merrett

Int: Brendon Goddard - James Stewart - Marty Gleeson - Kyle Langford

Colyer, Laverde, Ambrose, Green, Leuenberger, Begley, Mutch, Ridley.


I think the two main areas for discussion are the backline, and the mids. As I said a while ago, the backline is partially dependent on who we’re playing - do they have wide roaming, mobile forwards, like the Crows and/or crumbers like Richmond, or the forward monsters like Hawkins.
So here goes;
For the first option

B: Baguely, Ambrose, Gleeson
HB: Saad, Hurley, McKenna
C: Zaharakis, Myers, McGrath
HF: Stewart, Joe D, Fanta
F: Smith, Hooker, Walla

R: Belly, Hepp, Zach Merrett

Int: Goddard (back & Mid), Parish, Stringer, Langford (as the inside interchange for Myers)

Ambrose is needed for blokes like Lynch or Tex - I’d back Gleeson’s marking and drive over Jenkin’s cheap efforts.

Side two is for the relatively few sides that have monster key forwards, and tend to play tall there - Geelong, Sydney (especially on the SCG), GWS if they persist with 3 tall forwards.

B: Saad, Hartley, Ambrose
HB: McKenna, Hurley, Gleeson

Rest as above.

I could be convinced on the long grounds - Geelong, Perth that we need more pace (as well as lead up forwards) -in which case only one of Langford / Myers gets a gig and Colyer, Begley, Mutch, LaVerde or Greene come into the picture.

Anyway, money where the mouth is, and there is always a left field break out player - Francis? Redman? Long?
Not a bad situation to be in.


Lol Jenkins would kick 8 on Gleeson


Not sure yet, but I think the new Perth Stadium will be more like the G than like Subiaco Stadium.
We seem to usually play home and away games against Geelong at the G for the Country Game, so our exposure to long narrow grounds will be much reduced in future

Playing area Dimensions a per Wikipedia.

MCG 161 x 136m
Docklands 159.5 x 128.5
Perth Stadium 165 x 130

Subiaco Oval 175 x 122 ( Longest)
Geelong 170 x 115 ( Narrowest )


We haven’t played at Kardinia Park since late 1993 when we picked up a heap of injuries going into the finals.

Had them on toast till the injuries hit us badly in the 3rd.

We did play the Dogs in a pre-season 7 or 8 years ago.


So ground size/shape is no excuse for us in 2018. Playing Sydney at Etihad is a bonus .
Pencil in an extra win or 2 because of a weakened West Coast at Perth stadium and Sydney at home


Any team that doesn’t have Stewart in it, is not a best 22. Those teams with Francis in them, l take it are for the second half of the season. He is very doubtful as a walk up start for Round 1, he needs some time in the Maggoos to get some runs on the board.


Both of those things are entirely possible for round 1 in my opinion.


Like he did against Richmond’s smaller backs?


Lol didn’t Astbury play on Jenkins in the GF? Astbury is a great defender and is much bigger and stronger than Gleeson! Besides we are not even close to Richmond’s level when it comes to team defence, it wouldn’t have mattered who played forward for the crows that day


Last week, when I saw Gleeson in one of those Twitter photos from over at the Wizards, I thought “Is it just me, or is he looking more muscular?”


Going to be some good players miss out on that Round 1 side.


Of course you’re missing my point about best 22 team selection.
The intercept and drive Gleeson can provide, compared to playing a third tall defender in Hartley, outweighs a couple of cheap goals Jenkins or similar may provide.
I did select 3 tall backs for playing certain teams, but not Adelaide, especially without Cameron


Walla, Fantasia and Goddard IMHO should all be in the “Borderline” category at the very least.


A-Graders: Joe Daniher, Zach Merrett, Michael Hurley

Borderline: Dyson Heppell

Heppell is still finding his feet after a year out and could elevate back into the elite list next year. Daniher, Hurley and Merrett are there, and importantly still very much on the up. Will need a host of younger players to start pushing for the team to get where many believe they can in 2018.


Yep… SEN are in for a bit of a surprise in 2018.


Bags Ambrose Gleeson
J-MEZ Hurley McKenna

J-MEZ Hepp McGrath
Bellchambers Langford Merrett

J-MEZ JD Fantasia
walla Hooker J-MEZ

Bench: Goddard - Colyer - Stringer - Parish



Surely Stringer fits in the borderline A category?

Given his best is quite easily A grade