Post-draft Best 22


I think you are being a little harsh on Goddard. He was easily in our best two players up until round 8 or so.

I agree he’s slow but that can be offset by having faster players around him. Having all of Goddard, Heppell, Jobe and Myers altogether was our biggest problem.

I was very impressed and a little surprised to see how well Goddard went playing as a permanent clearance player.

I do agree with you though on the point of giving the kids more exposure. Parish and Langford and the like need to be playing a far more prominent role and should be prioritised over BJ.


Zaka battled as outside mid until switched into more inside role and Goddard was moved out.

BJ was great wherever he was played this year



Im concerned most of the usual tantrum throwers on here are not prepared to give anyone any time.


As long as Hooker keeps kicking around 40 goals a year he is just NOT going to be returned to the back line. I can see Stringer used on a flank or even on the ball but not as a KPF.


Probably because he’ll start forward I’m guessing


Lol, you reckon the club thought he was cooked whilst rating him top 2 in our bnf. At no stage did the club, or anyone of sound mind, think Goddard was cooked this year.
I completely agree he’s best used as a hbf though, with short bursts in the middle only when needed.


And with Hurley fwd, Daniher surely goes back.
Back pocket, to mind the resting ruckman.


Will the removal of the bounce down - with all stoppages looking likely to be ball ups - have any impact / benefit ??

Also, McKenna I feel will be played on the wing.


Wrong thread dude :wink:


What I mean is that with reasonably consistent throw ups - rucking - especially centre square rucking - could change with the higher leaping ruckman tapping / hitting the ball outside of say 5 metres - to a fast outside mid.

This could result in having only say 2 inside mids and 8 outside mids in the team.

So - the question is - if the new rule comes in (and its looking likely it may) does it impact on the team: i.e.
who jumps higher Bellchambers or Leuy ?
who reads the ball best from Ess ruckmen, and
who reads the ball best from oppositions ruck ??

Or is the new ruck rule - if implemented - likely to have little to no impact ??


So you’re saying, JoeDan takes Bag’s position?


I think the new ruck rule will have little to no impact


Agree with this. we have seen a number of times already when the ball was thrown up rather than bounced, the net effect is negligible. The ruck contest remains largely the same as it already exists.


Frees Bags up to take over the Alwyn Davey role at CHF.
I think the best 22 is starting to take shape.


In 2017 the average number of goals per game was 27, plus 4 bounces at the beginning of each quarter. Thats 31 bounces per game.

Essendon was 6th in the comp for centre clearances, and because there is a greater random factor in the way the ball bounces the gap between best and worst sides (3/30) is much less on average than for stoppages,(8/24) where the ball is thrown up or follows a more regular trajectory and skill plays a greater part in the outcome.

Essendon was worst in the comp for clearances at stoppages. I expect the reduced random factor in centre bounces ( restarts) will be a factor, but there is no doubt we have to improve our stoppage skill . In 2017 we were worst in the comp for clearances at stoppages and thus for clearances overall.


Surely the more significant difference between centre bounces and around the ground stoppages is the reduced numbers in the centre square. That’s a pretty big variable to ignore before you go attributing differences to the bounce.

And of course we were the worst team for clearances in terms of totals, but we weren’t the worst in terms of difference to our opponents. Clearances definitely need to be improved, but the raw totals are skewed by having one of the lowest stoppage counts within games.


With Daniher back I wouldn’t mind trying Hartley forward too.


And give Paddy another go in the ruck while we’re at it freeing up Bellchambers to take Hawkins and Patton.


Some good points in there in relation to stoppages. As a matter of interest, where did you obtain the actual number of stoppages in our games and other clubs games ?


You can get the stoppage numbers from aflstats and the clearance differential from footywire, although I can’t find a detailed breakdown of the comparative clearance and stoppage stats, although I know I’ve seen them somewhere. Possibly in an article I read.