Post Per Day Limit

There appears to be a post-per-day limit, per-thread, for new users. All of you are ‘new users’ for now.

I haven’t found a setting for this that I can change, for now.

How many post new users post?


oooohh … just saw my 1st thread auto update with Blummers post then!!

Giggedy! … Very cool.

Oh wow, … the way you edit posts is quick & neat too. I think there’ll be a lot to like once this is tweaked & gotten used to.

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First one to hit wins?

edit: limit hit, I now have to wait 22 hours before I can post again… do I win?

Jeezuz you get excited over trivial things BSD. Cool your jets, new forum Lover.


Testing if I still have posts left

edit: 4th post since apparent 22 hour ban. Not sure what the deal is

Yeah, mine was a 23 hours ban. Looks like rolo fixed it

I think it’s just for your first 24 hours.

Can we have a puns per day limit for all users forever?


You know what’s going to happen if you keep bringing this up…




This new site is great pun!!

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Suppose i better get my first post out of the way then…

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A good one too, … well pun!!.

welcome to NUBlitz 2017…

Wasn’t even 24 hours I don’t think. That’s actually not a bad feature TBH,

To stop n00bs overposting?

Apparently. It’s design to stop new users coming in and derailing threads.

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Sounds useful. Not that it happened too often (or did it?)

How many FRANKLIN!'s have I got before I screw this thing up?

Does ZERO work for you?

Does for me …

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