Pre-season training 2019-12-02 Monday

Training Monday 2nd December

Training this morning in cold wet rainy conditions. You would have to be crazy to be out watching - I guess I meet those qualifications! Training started at 9.15 (which would appear to be the starting time this year) and finished around 11.30.

Modified group -Gleeson, Shiel, Zakka, Fanta, Redman, Ambrose, McKenna and Draper. Hurley, Guelfi and Mo22ie started with the main group but then moved over to the modified. This group was mostly doing running and some agility exercises but also did some ball movement like circle work.

Heppell was restricted to doing a mountain of cycling on the sidelines.

Merrett, Hooker and Daniher didn’t appear. Apparently Daniher has been doing a lot of rehab work inside in the gym, so we hope to see him soon. Stewart didn’t come out until all the other players had left and then did some running with a trainer.

The new boys, Jones, Bryan, Cahill, Hibberd and Johnson were doing their induction in the morning, but came out to watch towards the end of the session. Jones didn’t look as light as I expected, and Hibberd looks like a really good sized unit.

The main group again consisted of a lot of running, along with some ball movement work and some stoppage work. There hasn’t been a lot of tackling or physical man on man drills so far that I have seen.

Tippa for me was by far the standout in the ball movement drills, very clean, evasive and creative with his normal defensive efforts and a lot of hard running. At 26 years old with nearly 100 games to his credit I could easily see him taking the next step and becoming one of the best forwards in the game on a consistent basis.

McBride was also involved in a couple of nice moves, at once stage going for a bit of a run with a couple of good evasive moves. He looks particularly athletic, his main area to work on will be disposal, getting used to handballing with quick hands and a lot of work with his kicking. I think his technique is Ok he just has to get used to the oval ball.

I also watched McQuiilan for a while, he has a beautiful kicking technique, I haven’t seen him get too involved in the play yet though.

From what I have seen of Cutler so far he’s a great size, moves well and has reasonable pace, his hands haven’t been quite as good as would have liked though, hopefully that will improve as the pre season goes on.

Ham caught my eye at one stage as well with a beautiful pick up at pace followed by a nice shimmy and a well executed kick. He looks to be growing in confidence.

When they were doing lap towards the end it was very pleasing to see Franga right up near the front and looking very comfortable on several occasions. Hopefully that’s a sign of improving fitness. In contrast Stringer often tails off towards the back and always looks to be labouring, I’n fairly sure the laps are his least enjoyable part of training.

Not much else to report on at this stage, when they get into more specialised drills you can often pick up more. One thing that has been noticeable though has been the lack of people watching at training. Today was a pretty ordinary day but even on other days there has been hardly anyone there compared to previous years, there just doesn’t seem to be as much enthusiasm compared to recent times, probably because of the Joe saga and the finish to the year.


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Appreciate the updates.
I will be out in January, i won’t be able to make it before christmas/New year break.

Two questions about training in general if you don’t mind answering

  1. Any observable changes in drills/whole ground ball movement? I am curious about the offensive and defensive ball movement this preseason

  2. any player burning the track - Clarke is usually a top trainer/professional/good voice in drills etc…any standouts?

A General comment but i’m most interested in seeing the progress of
Ridley, Gown, Begley and Phillips/Cutler when I watch some sessions in January.

Thanks DJR, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to compare to your VFL reports though.

There have been very few drills so far, and most of the ball movement has been more half ground low pressure movement. I think they are more working towards getting a higher level of fitness base before concentrating on individual drills.

Phillips has been very impressive.

As mentioned today Tippa was probably better than ever and compared to previous years I think

Francis seems to be stepping up as well.

Probably the standout to previous years though would be Begley. Apparently he was at the club for weeks before the rest of the group returned doing heaps of running and is consequently in great shape.

I’ve alse liked the look of Snelling, he is really putting in.

Most of the others I haven’t seen a significant difference from last year.


This is good news indeed.

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No way!! I feel unrealistic expectations building inside me.


Thanks Nackers, love your work!

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Do you think there is a chance Tippa will be added to the leadership group this year?
How is his voice during the drills etc.

While I think he has an excellent character he is still fairly reserved and doesn’t appear to speak out very much, that may well be different behind closed doors though.

It’s been pretty hard to hear much of the talk, for some reason most of the drills are being done at the far end of the ground this year, I’m not sure why, maybe trying to work into the prevailing wind.

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From the Richmond training I’ve been to over the past two years a lot of their training was no pressure full length simulation. Not sure if it’s because we’re so early into preseason or whether we will continue with it. I think it will be helpful.

apparently there is some internet dude rocking up to training and writing detailed reports - so they are trying to keep him out of earshot.