Pre-season training report - Monday 5 Dec 2022

I don’t want any “pastors” near any of the players!!

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I’m not poo-pooing the entire system (though I’m worried tbh about the shoe thing, for some it might be a minor issue but to me it leads to some significant questions about player education, exercise prescription and the level of supervision).

A couple of weeks ago I caught up with a bloke who I used to get to do all of my strength and mobility programming, I used to work with him but he had a career change and became an S&C coach at an NRL club. Basically I would go away for periods of time and inevitably come back with an injury of some form from work or from training without supervision.

He spoke about the frustration that you feel when training someone for physical preparedness for a task, that it gets to a point that you don’t want the person to do the task as in the end it compromises their physical preparedness to repeat the task. I get what he is saying, that S&C is constantly compromised by the task itself. It is a constant balancing act.


I do get that. But the point of all the S&C has to be about performing the task. There is no other point for the S&C in the context of why these players are employed by the club.

And doing the task itself has to be considered as part of whatever S&C program they are doing.

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I guess he wasn’t exactly speaking to a desire for the task not to take place, more he was purely speaking towards the paradox of preparation/task/repeat (he provided the analogy of cleaning your house before a party, only for it to be trashed more than it was before). But full understanding that it is the role, that’s the job.


Anyone know what the pre-Xmas training schedule is? Mon-Wed-Fri?

Another guy who wants to go to Geelong, even our fans are heading town the freeway!

I think you need to design your game plan to suit your list but obviously if the opposition has 5 blokes who can run 15km+ and you don’t you’ve got less options than they do.

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I blame Murphy

Seems Davey did a presser yesterday but nothing on the Essendon website or AFL


It was a bit of a stir but also a little bit of a genuine questions. Whilst I’m no athlete, I’ve done/doing my share of training with weights. I would much prefer to do that kind of exercise with two dumbbells at my sides instead of having my hands locked with a barbell on my shoulder. The barbell does add an additional level of core balancing but I think it’s much less riskier with dumbbells.

certainly looks like a big boy - just needs to switch the ‘angry’ button on once the ball is bounced.


Yeh but you cant just play the guys that can run 15kms then you end up with guys like Ham getting a game.



And it’s an inditement on our list that we had to. Ham clearly wasn’t up to senior footy but two key factors:

  1. Injuries to Cox, Langford and Snelling who gave us a lot of run in 2021 on the wings and flanks

  2. Inappropriate list balance between talls and smalls (I think we had like 19-20 talls last year)

… Meant that we had to play him despite clearly not being up to it.


Was this mentioned anywhere?


Will there be training tomorrow?
Have day off, so would like to get there if possible.

9:30am it should be on. Now for that piece of info you must write a training report :grin:


Then comes the suggestions to trade him. Can’t wait for that.

Would be nice and close for you, I would have thought.


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