Pressure Washer Recommendations

My FiL has a dodgy aliexpress one that I borrow.
Power USA or USA power or something. Absolutely not made in USA.
2 stroke.

Powerful as fck.

PITA to use.


Mrs tas bought me a fire fighting pump on line.
Big letters on the box with stars and stripes, TOMAHAWK U S A. Made in China. Still sitting in the box 4 years later.

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Thats when you lend gear thats about to break anyway. Golden rule. You bend you mend.

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if you only want it to do a driveway once every 10 years then hire the biggest unit which will save you a lot of time and energy.

My Gerni is fine, cost a few hundred dollars, but doing a driveway can be a slow process without grunt.

Should be able to hire a large unit for $50 a day or less.

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However - pressure washing a driveway is about the experience and journey, not the destination.


Yep I have admit to liking blasting the crap out of anything that gets in my way with my Gerni.

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we have a karcher.
should give you like 10 years service.
unless your doing your driveway every weekend (some people do)

ours is electric and have a long extension cord.

but can see the benefits of having a battery one. one less thing to worry about.

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I got an Aldi one a few years ago (Ferrex is the brand name). Very very good. No issues so far (though I’m sure they are coming - it was real cheap).

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