Props to the Essendon Football Club

I have been an EFC member for 14 years which I understand is probably not even close to some of the other members on this forum but I cannot remember the last time that EFC has set out to be aggressive in the trade period and actually achieved that. Equally, I cannot remember the last time that EFC have targetted players that geniunely have potential and are at a perfect age.

We have done extraordinarily well this trade period which has completely exceeded my expectations. We have recruited 3 players that have geniune and significant improvement in them. We have recruited 3 players that are the perfect age demographic (22, 23 and 24) for a list that will be fairly different and young next year. Our midfield will only improve with Smith, Mutch (hopefully) Merrett and Zakka. Our HB line will be almost unstoppable with Saad, Gleeson and McKenna running off the lines. Our forward line will be very dangerous with Smith and Stringer roaming through there.

For the first time in 4 farking long years of being bent over as a Club, I’m excited about the future of the EFC. I’m equally excited about farking every club that has done us over for the last few years, we owe a lot of them.

Bring on 2018 and beyond!


Couldn’t be more proud of where this club has come in the last 5 years despite the adversity we have had to endure.

This trade period we have earned respect from the wider football community, but come round 1 next year we will be feared!

I believe we can challenge for a flag next year with a bit of luck but even if we don’t win it we are only at the beginning of our premiership window and can expect to challenge for the next 5 years.


The greatest trade period we’ve ever had in our history. Like



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Now everyone off to the Lid Off thread.

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Farking LID OFF

we won trade period (port won FA period)

My wife is lucky she’s working tonight because I was going to ply her with alcohol and LOOKOUT!

Great work Bombers! Exciting times ahead.


We’re still losing to Gold Coast in Melbourne next year.

Even better than 1986 when we picked up Andrew Raines and Mike Richardson.

This was a ripping trade period, Dodoro and his team should enjoy their time in the sun, it’s richly deserved.

The club just needs to give Jobe Watson lifetime membership.

Captain of the next team of the century locked away.


Just a heads up for those who listen to our Podcast, Saturday on The Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast we will be talking to Rob Kerr to go through each succesful trade & the upcoming draft options


I just want to see the efc be competitive in the finals first.

Harden the [email protected]#k up boys.

This side just has something special about it. I can feel it.

Going to be one hell of a ride next year.

Thankyou James.


I’d love to know if he thinks we are going 40 main list and 4 rookie list, or are we going 38 main list and 6 rookie list, or the 39 / 5 middle option.

Do we have a 3rd rookie B list player in mind?

What’s happening with Tiwi?

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Please find out if Dodoro prefers “Disco” or “Jackets”


We are Essendon

If we do not win a final next year il fully implode and probably go insane. Literally


It’s Essington isn’t it??