R.I.P Danny Frawley

His name has been said online but apparently family hasn’t been notified so it has been deleted




Wow hope it’s not the name I’ve heard! Truly sad :frowning:

Whoever it is, my condolences to the family, friends and colleagues during this hard time.

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Rumor is that’s it’s Danny Frawley hopefully not true :sob:

That’s the rumour on Bogfooty.

Lets not post names and rumours about this yeah?

Horrible situation :frowning:


Sorry, thought I would update people on who it Apprently is

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Yeah that’s really sad

HS running the crash as a lead story on their website which suggests it’s someone known.


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Have crossed paths professionally and was a gentleman. Very sad.

I hope it’s wrong, ■■■■■■ good bloke

Can this thread be merged with the celebrity deaths thread? @saladin @theDJR


Heart attack at 49. Sad day for South African rugby. He was a very good player and an important one as the only black player in their 95 world cup win

I remember him That’s no good.

Hearing Danny Fawley has passed today after a car accident in Ballarat

R.I.P. :potato:

Devastating for his wife & three daughters.

Is that from Twitter and Facebook?

This could be it.