Random Location Game

Guess what?

You’re moving!

Go to randomstreetview.com and screenshot your result.

Can i get 2MP coverage in the Hungarian countryside?

There was (likely still is, don’t remember what it was) a site that drops you into a random Street View but doesn’t tell you where it is, and you have to work it out. That was fun.


I have wasted lots of time on:

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Happy with the MR7 in Swaziland, about the right amount of people around.

Geoguesser is 100% the best one

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Could make this work I guess…

are you guys still in lockdown?


Probably not the first place I’d choose in Brazil.

I got the same one.

Hmm… maybe not so random?

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Technically it could be the very definition of random…

But yeah… nah.

I thought Swaziland was now called Eswatini?

hello horsey!




I went again. I like this one more

I can almost smell the roadside murders

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