Rank worst umpiring games vs Bombers throughout history

At the end of that game I have never seen such seething angry in a crowd - I was in M12.

I honestly felt a touch of fear for the first time ever at a football game.


Any year since 2000 but significantly this year is the WORST I have ever seen playing or as a EFC supporter watching.
It is SO BAD it can only be corrupt and directed from “above”. Vale AFL “Football”

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Good call Anzac Day 2019.

I do remember taking the train to Kardinia Park one day to watch the most unbelievably one sided umpiring. Paper next day had 44 free kicks to 15 Geelong’s way. Yet DESPITE that I’m still going with Anzac 2019, that’s how bad it was.

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Anzac Day 2019 gave me the feeling that, if Essendon kicked the higher score the umpires would have awarded the win to Collingwood anyway

All the good ones have been named already.

Safe to say that we can add all the other rounds for this year too.

Mind boggles trying to rank these in order.

Anzac Day 2019 took me a week to calm down from it. I was walking around the office swearing under my breathe and shaking my head all week.


Only one truly bad Martian decision!!
disgraceful !!!
Cost us a premiership
Coleman pinned for retaliation to constant niggling from Harry Casper in 1951. Copped 4 weeks Suspension
We were the best team with the best in form forward that year.
Should have 17 flags!!!
We’ve been in the bad books ever since.


I think I remember that game - was circa 1982 and we dominated all day but only really pulled away at the start of Q4 when we kicked the first two goals of Q4.

Will need to look it up and it to my original list.

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Mark Harvey’s final game, 1997.

First time i remember us having that inbred ■■■■ McLaren as an umpire and didn’t we cop it good from him that day.


That would’ve been about the time. I think Justin Madden was our ruckman. Then again my memory’s pretty ■■■■.

yes this is the one I would have nominated as being particularly egregious.

1968 Grand Final. It was Blethyn’s bloody Mark!


Spot on - Simon Madden played FF and was a in bad patch where he got dropped to the reserves at one point. I actually think that game was our best performance that year.

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4 weeks Coleman got, same as Casper. That was after Coleman’s claim that he was retaliating to being clipped over the ears all game by Casper was backed up by the goal and boundary umpires at the tribunal, but the field umpire that reported him refused to acknowledge it.

Coleman was beaten from pillar to post his whole career and received zero protection from the umpires…and he was still one of the best players to ever play the game. That’s how good he was according to my old man, and his old man, who saw him play.

You can understand where Coleman’s deep seeded hatred for umpires came from.


I’ve been watching Essendon my whole life, but no game - ever - compares to the corruption at the SFA and their favourite boys in blue. From changing decisions on the pitch, to delaying transfers off it, those refs from the LRA easily trump anything I’ve seen in an Essendon game.


Underrated choice. That was disgraceful

Pretty much anytime we play Collingwood, Bulldogs and Sydney.

The non-free when Rampe climbed the goalpost is as good (bad?) an example of poor umpiring as I’ve seen for some time. Worse was Gill’s response!


Brisbane 2020 in a photo finish to ANZAC day 2019 for me. The worst officiated game I’ve ever seen.
Apart from that time in U/18s the Torquay Tigers provided their own umpires, who were very post-truth and ahead of their time, and I was obliged in the end to pelt my mouth-guard into the side of the goal umpire’s head. Ah, the mouth-guard melee…

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