Rate my sash


The Amart logo is too droopy.


I’m with Miss Ellie here, the front needs more gloss.
More coats of clear required.

If you ever feel like getting adventurous, route a channel on the top big enough to adhere footy cards side by side.
Some of the older Scanlon’s cards from the 70’s/80’s, or Select from the 90’s, then Epoxy over the top.

Also, LED’s !

** all these suggestions may be a tad ambitious :grin:


Also, what course and hole did you snap that driver in 2 ?
Yarrambat 18th hole ?


What i reckon it needs is some black cloth behind the front row of wood to bring out the red sash
and then spray the cloth red to complete the sash.


Ahh nice ideas, some LED’s will definitely be used … Ambitious is good, gotta make it unique!!


I actually snapped the shaft whilst trying to bend it between the pallets :joy: the head of the driver actually cracked a couple of years back, I’d say that years of hitting off centre shots was the cause :joy:


If you make it trashy enough they might want to use it as a prop for next years AFLX game.


Thanks, hadn’t even thought of that, might be a cheap and easy way of improving my dodgy workmanship :+1:


God, if it’s that bad please tell me so I can burn it.

On a side note, if you can’t find anywhere suitable to watch the game in Devonport feel free to drop into my place … Although if it’s not on free to air I’ll just be casting it from the app to my phone.


Thanks for the offer Vince. There’s a good chance we’ll be travelling around a bit that day, possibly watch the game at the Beach Hotel in Burnie (where I’m originally from). They have a Bombers jumper in the bar with a droopy sash so it can’t be too bad.


The one time you wanted it droopy?