Rate my sash


Been building a dodgy bar, who better to judge my sash work than the harsh sash critics here at blitz…be as harsh as you like…

And speaking of, who else has ever used the sash as part of a project, show us your work!!!


Ah … … … sash … …


Too droopy :smiley:


I actually quite like the golf club.


I don’t mind it :+1:


i’ll follow what @benzina says.


Needs red shorts


Is that a Chep or Loscam pallet ?


6.5. Ive marked you down a tad on level of difficulty as I feel like I could have done that if I trained hard and dedicated myself.


And here I was thinking I was going to get a “not droopy enough”


Too dribbly


Why thank you, was hoping it would sit a little lower but oh well…


Thanks was wondering what is was.

@Vince_Black, you have asked for a critique, I like it, but would be nicer (for me) if it was painted in a gloss, and the top needs to be red or black.


I see a red door and I want to paint it black.


Fair enough, although artistic ability is right at the bottom of my list… I’ll take a 6.5 - Ive always thought an untrained monkey could art better than me.


Yeah I’m hopeless with the wood… First thing I’ve ever really built… Had no idea on paints etc… I did put a gloss clear coat over the top but ya live and learn…

Used a top I already had, if I didn’t run out of paint I probably would have painted it black :sunglasses:

Oh and you’re all welcome to come for a drink anytime… Please note, I will not be liable for any damages if the bar falls apart and injures anyone.


Looks awesome



It’s going to serve it’s purpose which is good and once a few drinks are had no one will notice or know you had no idea re paint. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Thanks for the invite :slightly_smiling_face: