Ray Connellan: Irish VFL import, is gorn

I personally would be telling Long that Baguleys spot is available from next year if you can improve your defensive contribution.

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He needs to improve everything (except his kicking), not just his defensive contribution.

He’s scrawny, poor at contests, doesn’t read the play particularly well, and positions himself poorly, and defensively drops off way too many tackles.

Half back seems to be easier to read for him, and makes the most of his kicking. No chance at all to make it as a forward IMO.

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I don’t think he will make it as a half back either based o what I have seen at VFL level.

You are afforded far more time and space on a wing at VFL level than you would be as a half back in the AFL and he just isn’t a good enough decision maker.

He would get caught far to often at AFL level in my opinion.


There’s not any more time available up forward.

Thousand to one shot from what I’ve seen.

Presumably the club see or know something we don’t.

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As a defensive forward you will be doing more chasing than being chased and I don’t think you need to be as spatially aware as you do as defender. Huge difference from being caught in your defensive 50 to being caught in the front 50.

But I agree, I think he is up against it.

He’s a half hearted chaser and a poor tackler when he gets there.

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I wonder if Woosha is getting increasingly vague year on year when Longy asks him if he will get another game in the 1s

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I doubt it, Worsfold’s consistent and business like to a fault.

Don’t disagree.

I think they should have made the switch a couple of seasons ago rather than persist with him on a wing.

Bit much to expect him to perform well in what is one of the most important roles in football today.

Especially considering he’s not anywhere near as quick as Conor or fatboy.

It’s only “a bit much” because he’s not improving.
Ball’s in his court. Has been for 4 years.

Lead a horse to water.


Diddly-dee, potatos.


Not entirely sure on the scrawny part. Seems like a free shot to me with a guy who had some go to him from the VFL games I caught last year


Related to Casper?

Can he be added back as a b list rookie?

Some confusion here. For some reason I was talking about Long, not this bloke.

No. But I think new rules allowing players who were delisted one year earlier to still count as DFAs come into effect. So anyone could add him to their senior list for free.

No. Would need to stand out of all footy for 3 years.

Was on Saints list last year.

We added McNeice back to the b list. Afl making it up as they go.


From the vfl match thread. Good post. Can see this info being useful later in the year so putting it here so it’s easy to find.


Looked reasonably impressive.
Nice touch to play him on the opposite wing to Jok also.