Ray Connellan: Irish VFL import, is gorn

Looks like Connellan has given up on his AFL dream and is heading back to Ireland to concentrate on his studies and Gaelic footy.

All the best to him.


Diddly-dee, potatos.

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Interesting. I know Conor basically talked him into giving it a crack with us, I wonder if the mid season draft was his goal?

That’s a real shame.

Thought he had plenty to work with.

All the best Ray.

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I think it probably was. His injury came at the wrong time.

We get it, he’s Irish and you can’t spell.


Is it now time to get aboard the Nino hype-train?


I wonder why he didn’t at least complete the season. Seems like a lot of trouble and expense to only come for half a year.

Maybe he missed out on selection for our VFL team (we do seem to have to rotate those VFL listees to give them all a go)…and it just became too hard to even demonstrate his wares. I would probably read the writing on the wall and do the same.

He got injured about a month ago, don’t think he ever got dropped

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Shame kid had talent, size and speed. Could have been something.

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Never dropped. Was laid up with a hammy, played all games when fit.

How did I miss this. Disappointing. Had seemed to have something.