Rd 2 Bombers v Lions - Game Pics, organic and free range straight from the depths of the interwebs

Bombers warm up before game
Joe sets his sights

Brent Stanton 250 games and a win to boot! Two weeks in a row we have won milestone games, great stuff.

Two boys, well done Stants! Good to see he is keeping up our stocks of Father/Son picks. The boys get a taste of running through the banner with their old man.

Another day at the office.

Raz - 5 sausage rolls for Razzle Dazzle. Just how good is this young fella going to be? He has great hands and can take overhead marks or marks out in front at full pace. Soft hands just stick! His kicking is fantastic, his high leg action follow through sees the ball go straight between the goal posts and as we saw last week he can snap them from anywhere. Four goals in Rd 1, five goals in Rd 2, how many in Rd 3 against Fark Carlton?

Gathers the ball, turns on the afterburners and bombs away.

Loves a goal celebration does our Raz and oh how we like celebrating them with him! The boys are really enjoying their footy at the moment and the team bond looks really strong.

To rub some salt into the Lion’s wounds Raz calmly slots number 5 after the siren as the Lions player adds some more moisture to the Gabba surface.


Heppell – solid Captains game, missed a couple of goals he would normally drill, but still building into match fitness and intensity. Suprising that there aren’t more pics of him as those golden locks normally see him hogging the limelight.

Jobe - super last quarter, just keep dragging us along. 3 goal assists for the champion. 33 disposals at 75.8%DE. Like Hepp, he is building back into the game and blowing out the cobwebs.

Zaka - 2 good goals to keep us in and then help seal the game.

Old man Kelly. Still playing out of his skin. So solid in everything he does. Loved the tackle and holding the ball against Hipwood and then gives him something to think about afterwards.


Ambrose. The Glove! Shuts down his man and he is clean around the ball and hits his targets by hand and foot.

Gives away height, goes for ear massage

Gives away front possie, goes for the Kimura

BJ- a great goal and some bullet passes from the old bloke to set us up around the field and drive the ball forward in attack.

The Langford (has he taken the much maligned title?)

A good goal in the last from a set shot.

Benny - back in the 1sts and back into action.




Darcy Parish - keeps on going like the Energizer bunny. You don’t escape his tackles, has spent plenty of time as a young bloke catching sheep in the yards.


Joe the Mo - huge mark in the first and then kicked his goals straight through the middle. 3 goalsNo mucking around tonight from the big fella. Even went into the ruck to quell Martin’s influence in the 3rd and last quarter after he got on top of Smack. Eight marks, three inside 50.




And goal again!


Smack - competed hard but had his colours lowered in the ruck by a very good ruckman for a about 1/2 an hour. Got some of his mojo back in the last, but still only a stop gap until we have a real ruckman available.

Harts - played a solid game down back. Some great spoils, but was out stretched/reached a few times by Hipwood. Mind you who wouldn’t be? 13 1%ers, highest on the ground by seven, shows how hard he works off the ball. Took some nice grabs (8) and we are still yet to see him unload with the super boot we know he has. Another weapon that has yet to be deployed. No need to show everything at once.



1st qtr break

Half time break

3/4 qtr break

Full time!

Winners are grinners


And the siren goes…

Bewdy Stants!

Bewdy Jobe!

On ya Stants!

On ya Stants!

See the Bombers…


Love your work Paul. Great comments.


Smack gets up close and personal with Martin. Ooo-errr!


Hi Gerald Healy hi.


I saw Boyd’s grab on tv but only stills of J Daniher’s. Both looked unreal. Who’s was better?