Rd 8 Bombers V Cats - Country Jamboree Game Pics

Jobe looks relaxed during the warm up on the field

Conor practices the Dempsey heel flick

Jobe tries to explain to Walla how Facon (vegan bacon) is just as good a real bacon. Walla is not buying it.

Walla points out to Jobe where he can buy a hot dog with real bacon. Jobe likes the sound of that.

CFA volunteers do a lap of honour. Our volunteer firefighters are some of the best in the world.

Game faces on for Zach, Trav, Dois and Joey as they lead the boys up the race

Once more into the fray

Pops Kelly and Jnr about to walk out and run through the banner. 300 games is a fantastic achievement. He is the only the 79th player to achieve this feat.

Dangerfield wonders how good he would look in red and black


Loony competed hard in the ruck and matched Zac. His second efforts around the contest were good.

Hurls gets across to be third man up against the Tomahawk

Hooksy adjusts the top knot.

BJ gets pulled off the contest by Danger, but has the last laugh

Selwood drops in front of Loony to cut off the kick from BJ

Joey goes for the big mark and despite the two handed push in his back gets nada for his efforts

Young Pidge fits straight back into the team and continues to show his fantastic form. Bombers fans can feel confident that he will do the right thing with the ball. Amazing for such a young player.

Fanta gets a tackle on Selwood and causes the ball to cough up.

Myersy can’t get across to stop the Menzel shot on goal, but….

Menzel goes mental after missing the sitter.

Baggers is amazed that once again Motlop bobs up like the floater that won’t flush to kick an easy goal. Not sure where Mtolop was hiding for the rest of the game, but it may have been in the s-bend.

Myersy looks to unleash the left hoof

Menzel is still going mental

Zaharakis was back to his best form

Loony pulls on Stanley’s short and curlies to try and affect the ruck contest.

Harts goes the big fist whilst applying the sleeper hold on Menzel

Yep, still going mental


Big Jim kicks his first goal for the Bombers as the boys run over to congratulate him.

Hurls goes in for the bear hug

Zaka gives Zachy a hug for the fantastic kick in to Big Jim as the boys run back to their spots

Walla leads the chase to the ball

BJ with the punt

Loony tries to wrap up Zac at the throw in

Mr 300 is all business as he looks to kick downfield

Joey gets pushed out of the contest by big Zac Smith

Joey celebrates his deflected soccer goal

With the assist from Razzle

Fans mimic the JoeDan salute

Matty Dea was back in good form and spoils the mark of Menzel

Menzel still going mental

JoeDan launches at the ball

Hooksy holds the mark despite attempted head massage from Cockatoo


Joey gets better position in the contest and gets a hand to the ball

Harts again denies Tomahawk the mark

Big Jim can’t believe how easy this is as he kicks his second on the siren to end the first quarter

Yeah, baby!

Walla is deadly in front of goals.

Darce looks to stop the rampaging Dangerfield

Joey watches the ball go through the goals from 50, as a red-faced young Irishman looks on with nothing but the bag of candy that Joey sold him.

The Bear in full flight dishes off the hand pass

The corgi is snapping after the ball

Greeny doesn’t need much of a look in to get his goals and kicks a beauty from the boundary.

Walla applies the clamps to Menegola under the watchful eye of Hooksy

Razzle pulls out the six-shooters to celebrate another goal

Joey has upped his defensive pressure acts around the ground and lays a good tackle on Lonergan


Selwood looks to clear the ball from his defensive 50.

Nekminit. What the….?


Tackling machine Zach gets to grips with Guthrie

Zaka stepped his game up and showed real intensity across the field with good tackling and pressure acts.

Dois competes in the air for the footy

Another goal for Walla as he shows the guns

Big Jim gets his third for the night

BJ competes with Cockatoo for the loose ball

And crunches him


Tomahawk putting in a fantastic acting effort to win an Oscar in front of Harts.

And misses the goal

Jobe applies a tackle and forces the quick kick from Selwood…

Who is probably surprised that he wasn’t awarded a free kick for high tackle

Like a giraffe on steroids Joey takes off downfield with the ball in hand.

Is there a better sight in footy than the big fella on the run with a head of steam up.

Razzle goes for the mark despite the push in the back

Pidge looks to run down Cockatoo

Myersy welcomes the young Irishman to footy with a crunching takle

Hurls is back to his beast mode and crunches Cockatoo

Joey shows his class to nail the goal after the 3rd qtr siren to the delight of the Bomber faithful


Bris Scott trying to gee up his team at 3 qtr time

Menegola tells Crad Scot how big the flathead was that he caught.

Bris Scott is having none of it.

Bomber, Woosha and Bluey compare notes before speaking to the boys in the huddle

Harts again spoils the mark

Myersy runs away from Blicavs, who, we are told again for the umpteenth time, is a fantastic athlete and a former steeple chaser.

Hurls roosts the ball downfields sans oven mitts.

Pops and Cockatoo share some intimate time together with the footy

A quick nap for the old bloke

Razzle Dazzle seals the game!


Who says we can’t play milestone games!! Kelly celebrates a good win over his old team.

Consoles Selwood with a yeah, nah!

Dois and Selwood chair Mr 300 off the field

Both teams formed a guard of honour as Pops is carried off the field

Crad Scott gets his sads on

Sheeds gets out to congratulate Pops

Sheeds points out that we are yet to lose a game in the Wheat sash guernsey.

Winners are grinners as Pops leaves the field

Big Jim gets his first win and stands in the middle with the man of the moment, Mr 300 Pops Kelly

Anyone who doesn’t think that a win, after playing 300 games, doesn’t mean anything should check out the joy on Pops face. Go Bombers!!


Sweet pics, thanks

Rumour has it Menzel is still going mental. Thanks for the pics Warlock Paul!


Great pics & captions. Thanks!

Are Hurls and Danger making eyes at each other in that last photo?

Nice work on the pics.

Sheer joy for Myers, playing in his first win in 2yrs.


Fantastic. Thanks so much.

Thanks WP

Joey shows his class to nail the goal after the 3rd qtr siren to the delight of the Bomber faithful


Thanks Warlock, fantastic pics and captions.

The look on Geelong guy’s face. Like he’s been transported to a new universe.:grinning:


Do you have any pics of Hartley getting his ■■■■ handed to him? Cause I didn’t realise he was that good on Hawkins…


Thanks once again WB… Fantastic pic’s.

Here ya go …


well played. I’ll keep setting them up, you keep knocking them down!

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