Rd 9 - Bombers v Weagles - We "Romp Bomp A Stomp" 'em

Walla with the beany during warm ups.

Sam Mitchell practices lifting the knee into the contest.

Essendon fan with a gift for Mitchell.

Off to put this aside for later.

After breaking through the ceiling for ground umpires, Eleni next worked on making the female dressing room bigger.

If at first you don’t succeed…

Try and try again.

Hurls crossing the white line and engaging beast mode.

Heppell wishes Eleni a good “yeah, nah!”.

Joey gets a push in the marking contest in the opening minute of the game.

Goes back and kicks truly for his first for the day.


And the crowd roars!

Eleni gets her chance for the centre bounce. Waits for the boys to sort themselves out.

Let’s do this.


McGrath flies for an early ball.

Hurls competes hard against the bigger Vardy.

And gets the spoil.

Hepp looks to put the squeeze on Duggan.

Joey goes for the big mark with a knee in McGovern’s back.

After taking the ball out of the ruck one-handed, he snaps truly for his second goal.

Then into the dead ant celebration.

The boys get around Joey after his snap. Shuey adopts the “I’m not worthy” pose.

Raz easily out marks Gaff.

Green collects the ball and looks for goals.

The snap off the left looks good…

Green pulls out the pistols after snapping truly.

Then orders another pint as Raz offers up some words of encouragement.

Jobe gets around Greeny.


LOL @ bag of d!cks

Heppell looks to unload another inside 50.

Raz gives the fist pump.

Raz and Green celebrate another goal to the cheers of the Essendon faithful.

Raz shows he can match it with the hard stuff and takes the tackle from Duggan and Yeo.

The big men fly, Loony gets a hand to the ball.

Jobe and Joey show the intent of the Bombers as they wrap up Gaff in a tackle.

Heppell clears the ball from the contest.

BJ tells Mitchell what he really thinks of him.

Then offers up some words of advice to Eleni after getting a 50 against him.

Mitchell trying to come up with a smart comeback.

BJ just tells him to FO and eat his bag of dicks.

Jimmy putting on the forward 50 pressure.

Joey knocks the ball down front and centre


I like the pictures this week WP, in fact I fkn love them

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Jobe is all focus as he looks to smash Masten

Heppell with a good mark.

Myers with a good contested grab.

Walla leaves Shuey in his wake.

And delivers another perfectly weighted kick into the forward 50.

Joey sits on the shoulders of the “2nd best intercept mark” in the game.

Looking good, but wait, big Jim enters from stage right.

Dea hangs on tight as Darling tries to get the ball away.

Zac tries to stop Yeo from running off with the ball.

Just misses him

But keeps the pressure on

Appeals for the “running to far” and gets it.

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Baggers takes the mark to stop another Weagles entry.

Joey kicks the ball downfield.

Myers takes on the two tacklers

Zaka was once again all business at the spread from the contest.

Jobe finally gets his kicking into gear.

Pops Kelly just shows that age is just a number.

Hurls looks to roost the ball out of defence.

Darce with a goal from 50 that just crosses the line.

Walla shows that he can kick it from 50 as well.

Mitchell just gets rid of the ball before being poleaxed by Joey.

Green showing some defensive effort to put a stop to Mitchell’s run.

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Woosha urges the boys to not let up at the 3rd quarter huddle

Meanwhile Simpson reminds the Weagles of the hand moves for Hot Potato.

Then asks who left the bag of dicks in the change room, Mitchell stays quiet.

He is lost for words after he realises that he only brought Capt Feathersword and Dorothy the Dinosaur across from the west.

Myers again takes the tackle and dishes off

Hooksy loves his goals.

And the fans love him kicking them!

Heppell with another good mark.

Jobe just gets hand to ball after being tackled by Sheppard.

Big Jim tries to take the chest mark under heavy pressure

But it slips through

He doesn’t give up though and finally gets some reward for his efforts.


And the “I’m not fat, it is just these jeans” lady sings.

Walla and Heppell are all smiles after smashing the Weagles.

Hooksy and Joey are all smiles.

Raz and McGrath giving back some loving to the fans.

Joey hands over the footy

Jobe tells Woosha and Zaka about his crop top jersey design.

You beauty!!

McGrath should get very used to this feeling.

Jobe and Zaka walk off to the cheers of the fans.

This crop top thing could catch on.

BJ goes the high five.

It crosses our heart…


Life membership

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See the Bombers fly up, up,

To win the premiership flag

Our boys who play this grand old game

Are always striving for glory and fame

See the Bombers fly up, up,

The other teams they don’t fear

They all try their best

But they can’t get near

As the Bombers fly up!

Mitchell tells Zaka about how he is looking forward to his just desserts.

Weagles look like more like plucked ducks.

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Thanks for the pics and commentary. Simpson holding the bag of d.cks made me lol.

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Good one W.P. thanks

hehehe pink bag “O” D1cks

Lets see if any of the footy shows tonight give credit to Essendon or they just talk about how rubbish West Coast are away from Perth.

Geelong were bad, no credit to the way Essendon, played
West Coast were bad, no credit to the way Essendon.played.

If we beat Richmond, Richmond were bad, they cannot win games .

It kind of sticks in their craw to say “Essendon were good” its a habit ingrained over 4 years or more.


David King seems the only one who gives credit and probably Wayne Carey too.