Rebel Wilson Btchslaps Big Media


Well done Rebel,.. good to see someone stand up to these flogs and teach them a lesson. Good to see, & I hope it encourages others to do the same.

Att: James Hird, Bomber Thomson,.. et al.

Rebel Wilson wins defamation case against magazine publisher Bauer Media

By Emma Younger
Updated 25 minutes ago

Rebel Wilson has won her defamation case against magazine publisher Bauer Media over a series of articles the Hollywood actress claimed damaged her career by depicting her as a serial liar.

In an at-times bizarre Victorian Supreme Court trial, the 37-year-old Australian sued over eight articles which appeared in Woman's Day, Women's Weekly, OK Magazine and New Weekly in 2015.

The articles said Wilson had publicly lied about her age, real name and upbringing, and alleged she had added a "touch of Hollywood" to her backstory.

She returned to Melbourne from Los Angeles to give evidence at the three-week trial in which she made jokes, rapped an Academy Award acceptance speech she claims to have hallucinated years earlier, and broke down in tears several times.

Outside the court, Wilson said it had been a long, hard fight but she felt she had to take a stand.

"I had to stand up to a bully, a huge media organisation, Bauer Media Group, who maliciously took me down in 2015 with a series of grubby and completely false articles," she said.

"Far too often I feel the tabloid magazines and the journalists who work for them don't abide by professional ethics. Far too often I feel their conduct can only be described as disgusting and disgraceful.
"I'm glad, very glad, that the jury has agreed with me and by their unanimous overwhelming verdict they have sent a very, very clear message."

Justice John Dixon is now tasked with assessing the amount of damages to award the actress.

In a statement, Bauer Media said it would continue its options following the verdict. The company said it had no further comment at this time.

The jury was shown childhood photos of the actress in a bid to prove her stories were true, including a young Wilson competing as a junior handler at dog shows, in a cage with a lion and in a South African hospital recovering from malaria.

The actress told the trial the articles were a "malicious, deliberate take-down" published to coincide with the release of her biggest movie role to date and designed to sell as many copies as possible.

She alleged they resulted in her being sacked from DreamWorks animated feature films Trolls and Kung Fu Panda 3 for being "too divisive", and she subsequently had to beg to work for free.

"After month after month, that all of a sudden doors that used to be open were shut and I basically had to beg to get back in the door … it became apparent that … [the articles] did a tremendous amount of damage," she told the jury.

But Bauer Media denied the articles had damaged Wilson's reputation and argued that, in any case, they were based in fact.

Woman's Day journalist denies 'hatchet job'

Woman's Day was the first of the publisher's magazines to allege Wilson had lied publicly about aspects of her life, including her age and real name.

One of the magazine's former journalists, Shari Nementzik, denied doing a "hatchet job" on the actress's reputation.

She said she had based the article on a source who had commented on the magazine's website in 2012, claiming she had gone to high school with the actress and "what a lier [sic] she has become!!"

INFOGRAPHIC: A Woman's Day journalist contacted the source after a comment was posted online. (Supplied: Victorian Supreme Court)

Nementzik told the court she did not think her source was "completely unreliable", and denied publishing information she knew was false.

She also denied breaching the code of ethics by leaving out relevant facts and not giving Wilson an opportunity to respond.

Wilson told the jury she believed the source was a disgruntled former classmate who was jealous of her success.

But Nementzik denied the article was a mean story from a source "with an axe to grind".


I trust the Judge feels that Bauer Media should now be forced to eat a multi-million $ bowl of sh*t.


One can only hope.


I applaud anything that helps make media more accountable.


Onya Rebel.

Hope they learn something from this, I doubt it though.


Kate Middleton and Bec Cartwright should now be consulting their lawyers and feasting on the Bauer carcass.


??? Explain?


Every time I look at the cover of those rags in the newsagent windows, they're spouting some libel about those good ladies.

They should ban the scandal rags. Journalism, my rear end.


Are you talking about the broadsheets?


Hard to disagree with AN10.

The lack of ethics and gross dishonesty of Journalists is appalling. I am sure that they do not accept the power they possess and that they can destroy lives. I have been on the end of disgraceful stories over the years, and Journos involved mostly blame editors for cutting out the parts that offer balance in reports, but they still have the article published under their names. The assualt on James Hird could have lead to his death, yet no Journo would ever show compassion or contrition.


So who is Melanie Bounds then?


Good on her! Great to see and i hope it happens more often.

What I don't get is why they went after her in the first place? It seemed very orchestrated to try and destroy her.


Agree with AN. The rubbish those magazines print is breathtaking at times. The Bec and Lleyton stories about their marriage went on for years.
Hopefully a decision like this will pull up the journalist and the company and make them think before they stink.
The company still have the right to appeal, which I think they will.


This is disgracefully hilarious.

I can only assume that was Shari's first ever experience with the internet,


Won't make the slightest bit of difference to anything other than WIlsons bank account.

Good on her though.


"RockyIV's Secret Obsession"
"likes to wear ladies clothes whilst lip-syncing to Cher songs" says a close source

-No Idea


Similar character assassination happened to Steve Coogan with the tabloids a few years ago.


He dances around in lady clothes miming Cher numbers?


Our tabloids have a lot to learn from the UK tabloids.

They are truly the scum of the earth....apart from the Page 3 girls.

Oh...and National Enquirer.


When we were in the US earlier this year, I caught a glimpse of the National Enquirer and it's front page was going with a 'story' about it having conclusive proof that B Obama was an alien.