Reminder: various 2020 game tickets now on sale

I found Ticketek (MCG) best on mobile, and Ticketmaster (Docklands etc) on desktop.

Some tickets (e.g. GWS at the boutique stadium) are on presale at a later date/time.

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I got Q49 row G for ANZAC Day.

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I got M50 row Z. Best seats I’ve had for Anzac Day I reckon.

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I’m in M50 row D. Will be my first ANZAC game. Pumped!


I got a ticket for the crows game in Adelaide. Can’t wait

M50 row T Anzac day


M50 row J

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Oh man, I gotta get stuff to throw on all you guys.

Save it for the filth supporters…

I wonder if there is a someone on here who would like to help out / do another Blitzer a favour.

Myself and 2 mates are all booked (flights and accommodation) to fly to Melbourne for round 6 and go the the ANZAC day game.

Whilst I am a member my category (flexi 3) doesn’t give access to ANZAC day tickets.

Is there a Blizter out there who does have access to the pre-sale and who won’t be using their allocation and who would be willing to allow me to purchase tickets for ANZAC day on their membership card or purchase tickets for me?

Big ask I know…but if you can help, I’d be grateful.

Bought tickets to the SCG match. Am going up the day before for work, so just need to stay an extra 24 hours. Although the price ($93) is a ■■■■■■ rip off.

That said, not sure why I’m doing it. My record with watching Essendon games in NSW is abysmal. :sob:

Waited for an hour this morning to get on to Ticketmaster - the site just kept buffering until it ticked over the hour which made it 9am Qld time (where I am). I wondered if the time difference was the problem??? Only wanted seats for Round One, so not an issue but very frustrated at sitting in front of the computer for an hour. Wondering how long others had to wait ??

The tickets I just bought were 10 seconds or so.

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Brave. We are so abysmal at the SCG. Even when the bin chickens are losing, missing their best players and frankly look like turds against every other side. (particularly at home).

We find a way to lose to them by a kick.

I’m done with SCG away games. Which probably means we might actually win one.

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Didn’t I just explain I’m going? Short of my plane falling out of the sky, we’re no chance!

We should be. Sydney have been absolute horse ■■■■ lately, particularly at home.

They will be happy to get us early and bank a win to get the membership ticking over up there.

I’d normally say I’d do anything for a win, but I may have found my limit.

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The Royal , back bar Front Row , M3 row R. @Mendozaaaa let’s hope for Robo Mammories :metal:t2:

You drivin again Wob ?