Review - Heaved hoed. 2023

Freo brought the pressure and we crumbled stock standard Essendon of the last 15 years


:poop: :poop::poop:

Lose the first qtr lose the game

Gave momentum too a side down in confidence, you can’t do that.

Weed needs to be dropped badly
Kelly isn’t up to AFL worrying about his concussion issues aswell, saw him on the bench again after knock.
Parish alot saying trade, no! First game back in 6 weeks of football ease up. He plays a role, he isn’t the best defensively but has plenty of upside still.
2MP second game blues normal
Perkins needs to play more in the middle he gets into the game better.

We will push Port next week.

Expect a better game from players next week, Port due for a loss.


because hed never get a sniff in a legitimate top 8 side.

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all slow as treacle. Can’t have them all in the same backline and leave it to turnover McGrath to give us run from the backline. Especially when Redman is contained

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Classic lost it at selection.

Far to top heavy.

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maybe there is something to not playing for 2 weeks, players havent played like that all year, something was definitely different. It is time to drop weed unfortunately, kelly first game back will be better for the run. Will be much better next week


For me the game was lost at centre clearances. The absence of Draper was telling, he is easily our most important player. Without his physicality at stoppage and ruck work, we were exposed. We need to bolster our ruck stocks if we’re serious about becoming a contender in the coming years.


Why do people want coaches to have overly emotional angry reactions?

Players can’t play well when angry. Coaches can’t coach well when angry or give any sort of feedback when angry either.

Serves no purpose in the modern era.


There are many more names to add to that list if we’re being honest.

Some sacred cows among them too.

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Ah Essendon, a wet fart is still more trustworthy

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Not that it would have made a difference but team selection was horrendous. Kelly & Bryan shouldn’t have played.

Not too many players won their matchup, if any.

Yuck. Move on quickly from that.

Perhaps. But he plays a role we need at the minute.

So dropping him because he wouldn’t make anyone else’s side is just stupid.

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Missing Draper hurts. He’s the spirit, gives us drive, creates momentum and takes marks / kicks goals.

Attitude as a group poor. Some globetrotter footy in first quarter provided early signs of style over work rate.

Lack of pressure over the ground exposed defenders. Went in too tall, couldn’t defend our f50 when Wright couldn’t mark tonight.

Wright is great, though we become predictable bombing into f50. If he can’t mark, we can’t defend f50 and opposition walk out too easily… Our Achilles heal exposed badly again.

We have lots of work to become the ‘front half’ side they talk about. It showed tonight.

Oh, and Weid can’t keep getting games. He’s a weak link defensively and offensively we can’t hide.



We need to get in another to pair up with drapes.

The fact that Freo needed a 70 belting to play thier best is farking laughable watch them go to being crap again

If I could re select tonighT

Id start Menzies and debut Tsatsas off a half back flank.

Probably give hobbs and caldwell way more midfield time

Time to go full Nino for me . The first time I’ve ever been close to it.

Redman - Geez that decision to go to Adelaide must have been made was absolutely putrid . Or he has done a stringer after signing a big contract

Parish - we were better without you. 4 goals !! From clearances all because you are the biggest downhill skier since Shane Woewodin after winning a Brownlow.

2mp and Weed- Do you actually like a contest or are you there for high jump practice.

Lav and Kelly - The sooner Baldwin and Reid come in the better. No football IQ at all.

Perkins - Softer than Mr whippy tonight

BDB - you may as well have had the name Matthew knights tonight. Didn’t try anything not one thing to arrest the slide.

Most insipid soft performance of the year.


No Draper and no speed around the ground was not great. Sadly we do need to shake things up this year to get the mix right for the future. Key back etc etc

Has anyone won after the bye yet?