Review Thread v GWS - That was hazy good


I thought we did pretty well with the umps, watching it knowing we’d won. Sure, that Langford one was bad, but then the free kick to Stewart directly in front was ridiculous as well and pretty much evened that up.


“Say that again!”


Except that Stewart kicked into the man on the mark, whereas Langford may have kicked his, so not really even.

I agree though, it was a lucky free he got there !


major reason sydney has a terrible crowd attendence across sports I think. their suburban grounds fill up.

the pure efficiency of the MCG for crowd movement is sensational.


It is. The stadiums in brisbane are terrible by comparison


drunk me, plus my fat fingers, plus my phone … bad bad combo for spelling efficiency


arguzia monumentale di cazzo?


Don’t apologize. It was a joy to read.


In short…Stronzo!!


In the end there were several great ones, but this was my favourite win of the season


In retrospect, I think their loss to us may have been their equivalent of our loss to Carlton.


In terms of getting them going you mean?
I reckon them starting a run after our game was more to do with Kelly coming back from injury for our game and then being fully ready to go after that game