Review Thread v GWS - That was hazy good


I find youtube-dl to be totally effective for ABC iView, and SBS On Demand as well. Google tells me there is a graphical front end to it, for those young ones who grew up in the GUI era :stuck_out_tongue:


Okey doke.

So do I need the Python bit, . or just go the Win Executable? Is this the whole thing, or just a script to add to something I need to already have installed, (Python thing?? )

This is the bit with GitHub I find is not explained, … I’ve d/l’d the script bits from their pages before, … but they don’t seem to do jack, and it seems to be there’s some fundamental thing you should have already to add them to, that they never seem to mention…??

PC, … Win10.


Thanks guys! First step is to find good enough internet to download the programs :sweat_smile:


Same thing for me…but in Italian.


Amazed how often in last quarter we went with a centre square rotation of Hep, Zaka & Raz.

And dominated.

Belly’s ruck work a key factor also.

Also seems for that setup we have McGrath off a wing, Smith off the other and Zerrett and TIPPA steaming in off front of square.

Literally just Hep the one big body and everyone else quick and able to/applying that pressure.

Love it.


The Windows download is a standalone program. It doesn’t need Python.

On the other hand there are some fiddly bits to deal with:

  • First, it does need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86), and will complain if it can’t find it. In that case, download vcredist_x86.exe from and just run it.

  • Then it requires ffmpeg for some functions, and since I already have ffmpeg installed I can’t tell you if it’s something you will actually need. But let’s say, probably.

  • Then you will want both youtube-dl.exe and ffmpeg.exe on the PATH.

My recipe for the above:

. Make folders C:\bin\youtube-dl\ and C:\bin\ffmpeg\
. Download youtube-dl.exe from to C:\bin\youtube-dl\
. Download the Windows 32-bit version of ffmpeg (Static build) from to anywhere. It’s a ZIP. Extract its files so that ffmpeg.exe ends up in C:\bin\ffmpeg\bin\.
. Hit the Windows key, type PATH, choose ‘Edit environment variables for your account’. Select either the user or system Path and click Edit. Double-click an empty line to start editing. Add both C:\bin\youtube-dl and C:\bin\ffmpeg\bin

None of this takes very long, though it might be unfamiliar. At the end of it all you will be able to run youtube-dl from any command or powershell window, or you could try googling ‘youtube-dl gui for windows’


This thread feels like my day job.


One thing Darcy needs to remove from his commentary is the way he backs a “name” player to kick a goal and often gets it wrong.

“Kelly, the silk, the class…”
Burgoyne,. the silk the class…"

Good players, sure but someone, please give Darcy. ( or is it “Moons” ) a handkerchief to remove the egg.


Only problem is that it’s all moist from cleaning the material on their chin


thats a pet peeve of mine too… they lose their load as the boot leaves the ball then have to awkwardly calm themselves down as they realise the players missed the goal


darcy just needs to stop commentating for the greater good.


Please send Bazil with him


theres a rumour hes joining sunrise. might be unable to call night games.


Oh please be true


You are honestly the last person I’d have thought would be up-to-date with Sunrise rumours…


If it involves basil no longer gracing my tv, i’m across it.


A-farking-men to that…
Can he take about half-a-dozen others with him?


I’d be happy to just have Richo and BT chuckling at each others dumb jokes.


Bruce also needs to retire. He is a parody of himself these days, a mere shadow of what he used to be. He can hardly make a simple statement these days, without adding a tag question on the end, can he?


Can he?