Review thread v Shockers

Great effort from Loonyburger.

BJ made mistakes but never stopped tryng his guts out.

Tippa / Bags / Ambrose were other really good triers down back.

Cooney is just taking the ■■■■.

Langford is almost at stage of droppable.

Zaka = shocker.

Bird competed all night but just cant get the ball going our way.

Jerrett … please. A stable pony at best.

Parish tried hard & is competitive beast.

Ask me if theres anything else you need to know.

Mate jesus would not get a kick in our forward line

Carlton barracking brother giving to me something savage.

Positives: I got that tip right

That’s all I got

Difficult viewing.

I’ll put my hand up and say that I thought we were a chance to win this one if we produced our best.

To say we were far from it is something of an understatement.

Can’t wait for next week.

Only saw the second half. But some thoughts

  • how many times can two defenders fall over while both their opponents keep their feet.
  • our midfield is completely unaccountable on transition
  • tackles inside 50: 22 to 3, their is something wrong with either the way we set up the field or our work rate or both.
  • I don’t think we could turn it over at half back more if we tried.
  • we don’t seem to have anyone who actually knows how to play loose in defence, maybe we were just so overwhelmed by numbers it didn’t matter.
  • nice send off for Crowley, bit of class from the freo fans
  • thank God for Darcy parish.

If 60 is the handicap in Melbourne, it’s 80 in Perth, so that’s a win.

I think Freo came switched on and brought the level of pressure that we’ve shown all season we can’t quite handle yet. I actually thought we were trying, but referred pressure led to some shocking skill execution.

I thought some of the maligned showed a bit. Jackson Merrett and Edwards were both OK. Hams showed a bit. Ambrose worked hard.

And Tippa kicked a goal.

Thoroughly outclassed, but that’s not surprising. We’d have marked this down as a 100 point loss in March. Freo’s form hasn’t been good, but still they are a fair way ahead of us.

Hard to judge any of our young guys on that, lack of structure, lack of cattle
No positives really from me
Hope we dont drop any young guys from tonight
Keen to see more debut game from the rest and just look to next year
(And of course pick 1)

Carlton barracking brother giving to me something savage.

And you care because?

Weak as ■■■■.

Miles and miles and miles off it at the moment, no light in sight. This year’s excuse is new coach and young kids, next year’s excuse will be 12 new players who haven’t played under new coach so you can right off season 2017 as well.

Not sure what the kids will learn by getting belted week in week out. And coming back from 80 points down to only lose by 60 doesn’t count as “showing character”

The rest of this thread should clearly just be Arrested gifs.

I just assumed that’s what it was.

Pros: We wanted Hams and SHAUNYE to play well, and for the most part they did.

Cons: Every other player


  • Looneyburger tried, competed
  • HAMSY looked like he could be a player
  • Zerrett, Parish & Goddard at least gave effort
  • Edwards showed some positive signs


  • Zaharakis 0 touches in the first 1/4 and 6 by 3/4 time. I don’t think I’ve seen him play worse.
  • Can’t be fked going through everyone else, but the fact we made Pav, a man who couldn’t move look like a superstar says it all

Worst game this season.

Fremantle showed why they were minor premiers last year.
Extremely minor premiers...judging by their finals performance last year.

And as bad as we were tonight, they still failed to beat their record margin against us by 3 goals…astounding!

I haven’t let it get to me all season but tonight it did

Just pathetic

We’ll never know what the final margin was…FKN CH7

So who won and how did we play

What’s happened to Zach’s kicking?

Regardless of whether we improve and get player back next year etc. we will lose many games because our disposal and goal kicking are extremely poor and a chronic problem. They might play better but they won’t win if they can’t kick straight.