Review Thread vs Eagles 2023 - How the west was won (by 50 points)



We won’t. That will be the funny part.

I’m not melted. I’ve evaporated.


It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey, and the journey is exciting don’t you think?


Not remotely.

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Pathetic attitude and mindset to have but not suprising really from this club.

I’m starting to think we might have a winning season.
Despite more than half of it without our main goal kicker.
We’ve got Shiel, Parish and Setterfield to bring back.
Reid and Cox.
Kelly isn’t useless.

I think we can take Freo. St Kilda. Bulldogs. Adelaide.
Just hope Geelong don’t finish bottom four of the eight.
Definitely think we can take Sydney.

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A journey akin to flying the orange peril, Jetstar. Depressing every time.

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“She’ll be right” Heppel

Glad hes not captain no more


Agreed but he was referring to last season.

It’s nice they are using historical motivations to knock opponents off over the last two weeks. It’s something that has clearly been ignored for far too long.


Next is for Brad to remind them how carlton embrassed us in our 150 year game


It means there are a lot of Blitzers who need to HTFU. They are too quick to write the team off.


Really happy with the win, thought west coast really played to limit the damage and pressured very well. Would love to see the result if the hawks played west coast tonight at optus with there players back. Certainly wouldnt have been 100 points.

I think we are doing pretty well with the hand that has been dealt in terms of injuries and an absolute killer of a draw, that was our 3rd interstate trip in 4 matches. We then have to travel back to optus in 3 more rounds to play a red hot freo.

As much as i love tippa, i really feel its not in his best interest to be playing in the ones. I dont think the message is good for guys trying to get in or for developing our youth. He looks to be really struggling.

Was happy to have laverde back, rusty to start with but came in to the game with some good positioning and marks in the last.

Love brad scott, love hearing him speak , love that he is trying to turn our culture around, everything he says just makes sense, so different from what we have had.


We made finals in 2017, 2019 & 2021. We are making finals this year. It is written.


I’d rather he just figure out how to tear them apart technically.

All the rah rah rah in the world won’t stop you kicking it to Weitering/Docherty.

I don’t love Scott, but by gosh I’m starting to respect him.

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Massive improvement from where we finished last year

I hope we ■■■■■■■ crush that ■■■■ ant pathetic Carlton ■■■■ of a club and have their coach put to the sword.

I want to see that Harry McSpud suffer and kick EVERY shot OOBOTF whether he kicks a drop punt or around the corner or over his head. I honestly didn’t know they could stack ■■■■ that high.


I don’t know you at all and my opinion will mean absolutely nothing to you…

But I find your attitude/s toward the club really sad and bordering on sadistic.

Maybe it’s time for a change? Or a new sport?


A threat? He threatened to get out of his own way once or twice, but that was about all.

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I am the ghost of Essington past. The only way to kill me is to win a final.