Review Thread vs Eagles 2023 - How the west was won (by 50 points)

You’re building it up too much. Be ready for that fall. It will be a steep one.

He is pretty on the ball with much of what he said.

He mentioned the failure in the same fixture last year. “The players thought it was gonna happen


He named Merrett as the player who was talking to the players during the week about the failure of last year.


West coast: 6 goals 10 behinds
Richmond: 10 goals 10 behinds
Brisbane: 12 goals 15 behinds
Port Adelaide 12 goals 30 behinds

Since the Port Adelaide game. We’ve had a very distinct defensive set up. Simply not allowing the opposition to transition through the corridor.

Then our defenders clogs defensive 50 between 60 - 120 degrees.

We’re very happy to let opposition forwards lead into the pocket, and leaving our defender to be 1-1 in that situation. If the forward marks the ball, he takes a low percentage shot at goal. Most likely kicking a point.

This is why our opposition can’t score goals, and will continue to kick inaccurately.


Yes agreed but putting the foot down in the last wouldn’t hurt. Disposal is nothing to gloss over the last few weeks turnovers have been ordinary

Too slow. He’s not fit.

It’s a stretch.

I am all about this.
I still think this is preseason 2024, but gosh I’m excited to see us at anything like full strength.

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The Elimination Final rinsing this year will be glorious. So many shattered dreams.


Not quite. There’s a lot of % to make up as well.

I really have to question sometimes whether you really are a Bomber fan.

It’s like you want us to fail and take pleasure in doing so.


These wins are clearly difficult for you. Hope you are coping okay.


Yeah, that’s a seriously unusual thing to say for an Essendon supporter


This club still has unpaid bills, and I won’t rest until they are paid.

He defend Adam Simpson with the posistion he’s in what a classy coach


Dude has to be AA half back ATM.

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You are more than welcome to have your vendetta, of course, but if the unpaid bills can be paid back to you by us achieving success… and then you openly wish that you want us to “fail” and it would be “glorious”?

I’m sure you can see the contradiction here.


What? You mean if the team stay in Perth and North play here?
You worry too much.

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There is no success.

Plenty of time for Rids to get there.
Gosh, he’s been good the last two games.

You are correct, we’ve done nothing yet, but to win a Week One final would be a great step on the way to achieving some in the near future.