Review vs FCFC

Sack them all.

(My post must be 20 characters so I’ll say it again, sack them all.)


Not angry or sad
Did anyone honestly expect anything different?
I had a fair bit of money on carlton and also tipped carlton.

Exactly as I predicted.
Same old Essendon.
I’m numb.


“I was rapt”


Thought all game we were the better side and were going to get away with the win. And all game we just screwed up the critical moments.

And then we lost.

Surely something happens now, because no matter how much faith the coaching team has in the pre-season plan, it’s clearly failed.

But I do love fanta


This is the lowest point of the whole time I have been following this club.


It should never of come to this… but it did.

Sack the whole setup, and start again

To every board member that reads these boards just know you make me sick and if you had any integrity you would resign immediately

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Lol. They don’t.

They are all off in their own world.

It can’t possibly get worse than where we are at right now. This has to be rock bottom. We got deservedly beaten by a team that was 0-7. This is the most insipid, soft Essendon team I have seen in my life. I don’t know where to start. The midfield is a disgrace. We have no ability to win clearances, and if we don’t we do not set up well enough to stop pure centre clearances against us. The forwards I can’t blame too much in terms of the service they are getting from further afield, but when it does get down there nobody works hard enough to put pressure on the defence of the other team. It’s just dire. This is Knights 2010 all over again. What is it? Have they tuned out to Worsfold? Is our game style so outdated or unsuitable to 2018 football? Are our players fit enough? Hopefully today is the watershed moment that is a catalyst for change, even just in selection. I want to see Clarke, Redman, Langford, Guelfi, Ridley in this week. It isn’t working whatever it is we are doing…


Dodoro must be rapt. Another high draft pick coming up to waste on a hb flanker with no ticker and questionable kicking skills.

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After great tuns f t om the back line b y b oth McKenna and Sard?, what do three firwards do ? run to the same spot.

Well at least our mids had a little bit of an impact forward of the ball. Smith’s effort was exceptional and I’m disappointed for him that no one else comes close. Really impressed with Mutch’s first half, I like how he runs and delivers. I thought he was a fit player yet was pooped after halftime both times got me thinking whether our fitness is really lacking or how we play is physically unachievable. Is this because of the extra talls we’re playing?

The one thing i was in utter confusion was how we didn’t have an option down the line for the dump kick or quick break along the boundary. This should be the primary position to fill when coming off halfback. It’s been bad all season but today was another level of bad. The forward setup is really bad this year that 90 % of the time I understand the inability to move the ball fwd purely on how the forwards have set up. Very amateurish.

I’m glad we lost.
Very happy.
I hope this is the start of change.
We all know how poor we’ve been over the last decade.
The club just doesn’t seem to want to accept this fact.
It’s time change.
Look at Richmond. Look where they are now.
At the moment we are the new ‘Richmond’ of the AFL.
Full of promise each year and either make a final and lose or not make finals at all.
Need a full review at the end of the year.
Full clean out of coaches.
Move on goddard and a few other senior players (I.e. baguley).
Play youth for the remainder of the season and see who has potential and who doesn’t.
Be aggressive in trade period/draft table.
We will come back. But we won’t be competitive for a long time.

So how did Laverde go?

We had more spirit in 2016 with a collection of top-ups and rookies then we do now.

When Carlton was getting stuck into Goddard in the first quarter, there was nobody around flying the flag for him. Embarassing.

I don’t think we have hit the low point yet. There is something that has gone really wrong at the club - there is too much talent there for us to play this badly. There is no honesty from the club about what is going on, we can go a lot lower yet. We may lose every week from now on until the dam breaks.