Review vs Geelong 2023

Hopefully asking Gia (midfield coach) WTF was that putrid ■■■■■ you dished up in the first Q?


This. Good spot Nino … our game is a team game and any great mentor who’s been involved or led incredible sitiations are awe inspiring.

Had an away day with a UK Bank client many years ago in London where the keynote speaker was Pete Goss … the British sailor who rescued the French sailor sinking in the single handed round world Vendee Globe 1996 sailing race. I’m a blue water sailor so was triple incredible in nderstanding what he did and endured.,Dinelli%20in%20hurricane-force%20winds.

But I digress. However you add military, extreme sport, personal or other inspirational peoples to the messaging which the coaches drive home in trainings … and you get what the Pies are achieving today.

Never give up. Always believe.


Are you blaming the coach ?

No doubt we have plenty to work on, the players are definitely implementing something they trained in the summer to good effect this season, that is new for us and our coaching team deserve plenty of credit. Baby steps, but it’s good stuff.


if kind said that (not doubting you) then it shows how in sync he is with a lot of essendon supporters who don’t look further than their nose in relation to how we will travel.

he obviously sees us losing to the next 2, port and brisbane.

obviously he didn’t get further past that part of the draw, considering we play port again in that 10 block period of games.
we also play richmond, who we are bigger ■■■■■■■ to them than geelong almost.
we play blues in that period also, that’s a 50/50.
and we play adelaide who are obviously well improved on last year when they almost rolled us.

if we play like that against anyone bar north, west coast and hawthorn, we will get rolled and i’m pretty sure we don’t play them again this year.

classic nino


Our ratio of hits outs —- hit outs to advantage must be at an all time low over the past 2 weeks.

What can i say :person_shrugging:


The 8 out of 10 remark was a throw away line said without much care (the 10th opponent will be the cats in Geelong). I think he was merely trying to explain that he’s a bit lid off about what he’s seeing from us.

Fwiw I think 6 out of 10 would be a good result for us and would leave us needing 3 out of 6 to play finals, which would be achievable


I think if we’re serious we need to beat Richmond and port fwiw.

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You’re allowed to say it, the club should be mad at losing still. And I think they are, just need to focus energy on the right things.


Weak mindsets must be changed and to change a weak mindset you install systems and processes with a consequence of not adhering to these systems and processes despite where the playing group at at.

Install now so success comes quicker

Love what McCrae has done at the pies since he started. Scott and Co must do the same


To be honest I’m not really fussed at all about us making finals. I feel if we did it would end up very similar to our last few attempts.

I just want to see continued growth and development of individual players (and that will get more exciting in the second half of the season as Reid, Tsatas and Cox filter through) and also a continuation of what we’ve seen so far under Brad - a clear method and game plan that the players understand and buy into.

Finishing not too high up this year in year 1 under Brad mightn’t be a bad thing. Get a slightly better draft position, give ourselves something to build on next year without the expectations as Brad adds more layers to what we’re doing.

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Yep. There is beaten by a better team and playing like ■■■■, (which I know are not mutually exclusive.) However we only did one in that game and it was beaten by a better team.


Richmond will be interesting. Its the sort of game that in the past we would go in and lose, not matter how good our form, or how poor the form of our opponents. The test of our improvement will be how well we play against teams we should on form, win against.


That’s what I think too.

First few minutes were ordinary (and costly) but I do think we played well.

I was glass half empty after the pies game given how bad the last quarter was and how gettable they were with their outs.

I know we were competitive after quarter time against Geelong, but that performance as a whole justifies my concerns as we’ve seen this all before.

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that reminds me of the north game that the guys got clapped off after coming back in the second half.

an essington loss, even a big one is totally being over awed by a good opponent, the game being over at half time, the opposition take the foot off the pedal, we make a comeback cos of it, and then halfway through the last they run off with the game as it requires 100% effort and skill to merely get close to being back in the game, something this club can’t achieve.

geelong are still finding their feet with the new inclusions into their club and how it all fits/works together. we “played well” when they took their foot off the gas.

First half was pure Essington. Let them kick the first 6 goals before we even score. Have an opposition power forward kick 6 in a half. Concede 88 points by half time. Mistakes and panic everywhere. Diabolical.

2nd half was OK considering the first but the damage was already done.

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Players said after the Pies game that they will work on midfield and why we got smashed fast forward 4 days later and nothing changed in the first qrt against Geelong.

What do they actually do during the week