Ricky Olarenshaw on the Lunchtime Catch Up Show - Geelong review also

Here it is!! RICKY OLARENSHAW special guest. One of the funnest interviews done on the Lunchtime Catch Up . Even his family joins in. We also discuss the strange body langauge of Essendon on Sunday…Francis & Langford situations. Lots to cover on a HUGE show


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Thanks for supprt of this show. Ricky was such a great guy to talk too

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Interesting talking about Francis and his natural mindset as a player.

I always get the feeling players that are often pretty relaxed and only do the bare minimum, are more naturally defenders. Not because they’re lazy, but would rather let their opponent dictate their work rate during a game.

I think about players like Fletcher, Carlisle and Ryder. All acceled in defence, and often had to be forced into the game by the opposition moving the ball inside 50. Rather than trying to work their way into the match. All of them struggled with being forwardline players.

Francis seems to have the mindset of a defender, who is pretty relaxed and doesn’t get too overwhelmed by pressure… similar to Ridley imo.


Yeh interesting points Jono. No doubt just being thrown forward is not idea for any young player who has been learning the back defensive craft. He seemed to only engage when he had a clear option and not create options from nothing by work rate as a Brown may do…some may call it lazy but Aaron may think different.

Cheers for support of show so far👍

Great show guys, love the talk with Ricky, great discussion.

Great interview with Ricky… Such an easy guy to talk to. I remember him when attending functions at Windy Hill - he was alway happy to have a bit of a chat. Must be in resonable nick to still be playing a bit of footy…

Really enjoy the show, only came across it a few weeks back but certainly helps get me through the week in the build up to game day, big fan! Look forward to the shout out next week.

Cheers for that

First time listener…that was great.

Met Rick a few times back around 93 through some family friends. Super guy.

Got a link for the other 63 episodes?


Ricky use to visit my primary school and teach the kids how to kick along with other Essendon players.

Bewick,Alessio,Long,Salmon had a kick with all of them as a kid. my school was a 10 minute drive from Windy Hill.


Loved the show as usual, surprised that you were a bit more critical than usual. Not saying it wasn’t warranted, but you don’t normally make the Sash crew look like a bunch of happy clappers by comparison.

It was a strange game, I still think our best side, if we can get it onto the park is a real threat, but the side also has to be in the best frame of mind.

Very interested that Josh Green a couple of weeks back made a point on your show about what a quality bloke Dan Jordan is, following him up post retirement to see how he was going.

I think how the team cares for each other and plays for each other is a big factor in modern team sport, the teams belief in itself relies on this. EFC is a totally different side when there is belief.

I thought we started with enough spirit against Geelong, but our early misses seemed to suck the spirit out of us, compared to Geelong’s perfect accuracy.

Our form this year has been if we lead at the end of the first quarter, we win, if we’re behind, we lose.

Our optimism was increased by the fight we showed against Collingwood, which was a great sign for a big occasion, but I think how the game is unfolding in the first quarter is affecting us far too much.

We need to play with confidence and assurance to pull off our game style. I think our players have the attributes but we need to believe in each other more when the going gets tough.

It seems like Dan Jordan has got the VFL guys caring and believing in each other, hopefully he keeps that going, and we can grow that into the senior team more fully.

We may get a chance to see if the pattern of VFL/Reserves premierships of 1983, 1992, 1999 precedes AFL/Seniors premierships continues.


That’s what I’m hoping for.

99 was the last time Essendon won the VFL flag. I remember Milne getting picked by the Saints in the draft that year.

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their soundcloud/itunes feed.

Just listened to it.

Well said, especially about Francis. Everything about the lack of effort was absolutely spot on

Loved that you gave credit to stringer as well. He certainly deserves it

Cheers fir that

Also the story on sheedy calling opposition players the wrong names was a crackup!


Great show.

Hows the death knock at the end

‘Ricky, there is a young ruckman Sammy Drapper, do not be surprised if you see him debut shortly’

Side note - the UX of sound cloud is horrible

Thanks for the Soundcloud tip. It does seem to have the lesser of audio clarity