RIP Margaret Varcoe

Passed away in hospital.

Condolences to the Varcoe family.


Very sad indeed.

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Yeah, that’s brutal. Absolutely tragic.

I actually had a sinking feeling in my stomach when I saw she’d passed away. Absolutely terrible. And so devastating. Thoughts with her family and friends.

That’s horrible. Feel so sorry for her family

Very sad to hear.

Terrible news… condolences to the Varcoe family.

When I first got the text today I was shattered. A few of our friends play on her team and the Varcoe’s are a much loved and respected family in our area back home. I’ve met her several times over the years and as for all of her family was just a wonderful person. She absolutely loved football and her family and will be sadly missed by many
RIP Maggie :sob:


Horrible news.
Hopefully the league and/or AFL is able to provide counselling services to help players, officials and supporters of both clubs reconcile what has happened.

At least she was doing something she loved
Very sad and taken way too early

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Travis must be devistated.

RIP Margaret Varcoe
Devastating news, my thoughts are with the Varcoe family, her friends and teammates in this difficult time

So sad.

Such sad news.

Very sad news, condolences to her family and friends

Just horrible. Thoughts with everyone affected

Devastating. :frowning:

Terribly sad.

This is nothing less than a tragedy. Very sad news indeed. Condolences to the Varcoe family.