Rnd 11 Non-Essington Dale Thomas Martyr Thread

I’ve had six wines and managed to play the next day. D Thomas should be applauded, not penalised.


Of course, you played at AFL level right?

Actually played in the AFL or just in my imagination?



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When is he playing?

Tomoz… i think

I’ll be watching.

I played at the MCG, once.

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Love it. You must tell us more.

A mate of mine played in a vereran’s game at the MCG about 3x years ago? It was before a Hawthorn game. Got sh*tmixed in the 1st quarter resulting in a collapsed lung. Spent a few days in hospital over there. He still reckons it was one of the greatest experiences of his life so far.

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Why? Was it because he didn’t have to hang around and watch Hawthorn play?


He reckons Hawthorn were great. The Hawks doctor went with him to hospital.

So, this weekend are we getting
FRANKLIN :heart_eyes:
franklin :confused:

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There is only one FRANKLIN!

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You can get Franklin to suck my nads, turtle-breath.

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Only if he could find them…

Why, is he pinging again?

He’d have to be to want to go anywhere near your inverted nads.

He’d have his hands fuller than what Sydney do.

He’d have to wash his hands after going anywhere near your funky nads.