Rnd 16 Non-Essington Non-FRANKLIN! Games

Who’s playing???

Part-time Tasmanians v Collingwood tonight. Hawks win would be good, they are cooked and it would mean the Pies have the Colliwobbles.

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July is wobble season.

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Where’s FRANKLIN these days @Diggers?

Giving the nostrils a good workout.

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■■■■ off Collingwood


Hope Scilly twats DeGoey.


If pinchy can spend all night doing that to that Nose Beer loving ■■■■ Elliott it will please me.

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Hoping Hawks win just for the laughs.

Classy banner though for the Pies, have to admit.

Sedate start? It’s been 40 ■■■■■■■ seconds Bruce.

That guy is playing his first game? I dont think they’ve mentioned that yet.

Mihocek and Elliott raffle the THB free. Brodie gets it and converts for the Pies first.

Imagine getting to play with Collingwood HTB rules.

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Hawks home game and more pies there

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Oh ok holding the ball is gonna be free kick od the week rhis week i see.

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They get another soon after with Gunston swung 720 degrees. Then WHE gets pinged in a one armed tackle. All frees were very clearly there. Hardwick converts to tie scores, 1 goal apiece.

Big boy looks cooked. Slow cooked.

Has always been cooked. Utter pelican

What did we do to deserve a commentary team such as this.