Rolling Best 23

Given our first game of the season proper is about 1 month away and pre-season practice matches start next week I thought it pertinent to set up a new thread called ‘rolling best 23’

The team changes week to week due to injuries/form/opposition match ups etc - and what I think would be a good lineup against the Cats round 1 on the 19th of March right now - will very likely change… So here goes- my rolling best 23 as it stands right now is;-

Ridley Stewart Kelly
Heppell Laverde Hind
Langford Stringer Cox
Perkins Jones Snelling
Francis 2MP Smith

Draper Parish Merrett

Bench: McGrath Caldwell Hobbs Redman
SUB: Guelfi

What are your thoughts? Who have I missed?

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You have pretty much nailed it imo but I worry that Jones may not be ready so would have Baldwin to replace him. The other one, on current training reports is that I would have Cutler ahead of Perkins as he offers more round-the-ground diversity. Of course, the pre-sason games will tell us a lot more and then we may have to change. Your title “Rolling Best 23” is excellent as it allows for the flexibility to change the team every few days based on player progress. At the moment I would have:

B: LAVERDE (193) STEWART (199) KELLY (190)
HB: HIND (180) RIDLEY (195) HEPPELL (189)
C MCGRATH (180) MERRETT (179) SHIEL (182)
F: WRIGHT (203) BALDWIN (193) SMITH (176)
Foll: DRAPER (205) PARISH (180) CALDWELL (183)
I/C: REDMAN (187) SNELLING (175) HOBBS (183) CUTLER (192)
Med SUB: COX (200)

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Barring any setback, Harry Jones will certainly be ready by round 1. And if ready, then he’s a stone cold certainty to be picked.

He’s back in full training and has another 4 weeks to tune up before the season proper begins. He also did solid training blocks either side of Christmas.


I agree that Jones is a certainty if fully fit, and I hope he is, but there seems to be some doubt if he can be ready for Rd.1 due having had a lighter than most pre-season with some interruptions, but I hope your right. If he is ready, Baldwin goes out, Jones comes in.

If Cutler is not in the 22 he’d be a good sub.

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but if we are changing it week to week then shouldn’t we have best 23 if match was this weekend?

B: Ridley Stewart Kelly
Hb: Heppell Laverde Hind
C: Durham Caldwell Cox
Hf: Perkins Baldwin Snelling
F: Francis 2MP Smith
R: Draper Parish Merrett

Bench: McGrath Hobbs Redman Waterman
SUB: Guelfi

have omitted Jones, Stringer, Langford (Shiel already out)
in comes Baldwin, Durham and Waterman

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There are two best 22 threads. Do we need another?

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Keep up man, this is best 23


I don’t do best 23s


If Cutler is in the 23, then we will finish bottom 4.

He pushed his way into the side and held his spot at the back end of last year. I’m not saying he’s in my best side but he’s closer to it than you would like to think


Yeah, Cuts was pretty good in the back half last year. Maybe not best 22 but no longer a list clogger.

I think you mean “can’t”.

i know we’ve recruited kelly, but i firmly believe big TOMMY CUTS is best 22

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Coach: Fred Durst


If he is, then we are bottom 4.

This an average take IMO. He was very good in the back half of last year.

Not sure what you were watching.


He was OK for a few games, but if he is best 22 then we have not improved and will be bottom 4.

Keep rolling, rolling…

you do realise he was one of our best defenders towards the back end of last year? he was very good. we played excellent footy with him in the side. its an odd take to suggest we’re bottom 4 if hes best 22