Rookie list Rort

Lots of experienced players, some in theor clubs best 22 being moved to Rookie lists such as Hugh Greenwood.

Surely the AFL need to stamp this out. Rookie lists should be for genuine rookies. Not best 22 players or blokes who have played over 100 games.


whys it a problem now after weve been doing it for 10 years?


Dude you need BOVRIL

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It’s not so much a rort as it is just stupid. The rookie list as it stands now serves zero purpose. Get rid of it, change the default contract for 4th round and later (or 5th or whatever) to be 1 year contracts, expand the salary cap to cover the extra wages, done.


Not sure how much of a nuffie I’m being but… we should draft Greenwood.

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Well, the list doesn’t. The draft does. It’s when you can take players on one year deals.

Making the later rounds one year contracts is a terrible idea. Clubs might be still willing to give two year contracts should have priority.

Sure, that works, make day three of the draft for one year contracts. Or more easily, just have the national draft and then make the SSP for everyone who didn’t get drafted.

Edit: my aim would be to get rid of this dance with players between lists. It’s a nonsense.


According to the article on the AFL website, Greenwood will be redrafted in the national draft, so he will be on a main list.

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It’s more to do with taking set number of picks on the draft. Gold Coast don’t want to really be taking picks as they have had lots of free picks with concessions in recent years.

I was hoping it was a scheme for anyone to be signed up (like me). Thread disappoints.


I wish the AFL would give the clubs the freedom to have as many (or little) amount of players on their list as they want/need.

As long as every club is under the salary Cap, that’s the only thing that matters.

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Wishful thinking. Fark Carlton would end up with 22 players on their list with that rule in place.

Awkward times if there was an injury.

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At the very least have a min of 38 players on a list, and a maximum of 50.

More players on a list means more player movement, and it’s better for clubs in rebuilding mode to have a look at a larger group of kids.


Yeah it’s so they can take the picks but keep their current list. I am kind of curious though - while I don’t expect it to happen there is surely nothing stopping another team taking Greenwood. Some club could get in his ear.

I imagine though he would then threaten to retire if he was picked. It could actually end up as a big mess for the Suns and the AFL. Although what else is new for Gold Coast.

The Rookie List?

It is being treated like pretty much every other rule change the AFL has made over umpteen years.
Step 1. Make a new rule to cover an area of the game/list that the existing rules don’t adequately cover.
Step 2. Tweak said rules on a more or less annual basis in response to clubs finding ways to exploit the rules to their advantage.
Step 3. Consider scrapping the rule, or at least renaming it, in a vain attempt to catch up to the actions of the clubs.

Rinse and repeat.

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