Round 1 v Freo anticipation thread - empty stadium, roof open

Get there round one. No excuses

If I can come over from WA, there is NO reason why you cant come along. 50k of us could be the difference in starting off the season right with a huge red and black army. Yep, I know this has been done before, but it needs to happen again.

This group and club needs to know we are right behind them. This playing group needs to know we are all as one. From the boot studder, to us on blitz.

I know we’ve all been let down in the past
I’m a fkg pessimist with this club, trust me! We have ALL been let down from our peformances over the years. But we all need to rock up and support, and kick the season off with a bang. Because that’s what supporters do. We keep on believing.

We’ve had enough. All the jokes, everything. This is the year we succeed. And we, as supporters will start it off. There ain’t no fucken supporter group in the land bigger, passionate or proud than us.

I want everyone to Join me at federation square and we will march as one to Etihad. Spread the word, I will make the club aware of this, and keep this thread updated of what will happen going forward. itd be good to get a good contingent, have a few beers and walk together

Red and black. We may all argue, but It’s in our veins. And at the very least, we can do our part. That’s all I ask. I love this club, and i know you all do too

Go bombers


I have a warrant out for my arrest in Victoria but will be there in spirit.


Have just booked flights to Melbourne and made sure I’m flying back to Singapore on the Sunday - so I will be there!


Crowd will be somewhere between 30k - 35k.


Nah… not feeling it.


No excuse

I can get you a wig, fake nose and glasses


After years of attending every game in Victoria (even flew up to Sydney last year to witness the thrashing) I have decided that I will not be attending any games until I’m convinced we are playing a good brand of football.

We as supporters continue to pack out Etihad off the back of mediocre football, even after a thumping we are still flocking to the stadiums for example in round 2 of 2019 we were still able to bring 44,000 supporters to the game, a game after being beaten by 72 points. In 2019 we had the 3rd highest average attendance even when we never really looked that good.

Fans need to stop being such nuffies by rocking up week in week out no matter the result. The club needs to know that the we as fans won’t sit and accept mediocrity anymore.


Yeah, I’ll be there as usual, and I’ll march by your side, Wob.


See you at Y&J

First round is on me


Christ. I’m not overly confident about this year, I’ve traditioanlly I’ve been lid off, but this is absurd.

I’ll be there round one. I’m ready. I ■■■■■■ love Saturday afternoon games and I hope we win so we can all get on the ■■■■ afterwards.


Cool story bro, see you there


Are you actually having a go at the supporter base because they aren’t fickle bandwagoners?


at about 1.15 pm

The Exchange instead?

Unless you really want a 20 minute hike after pre gamers??

Happily join you both there, 'tis but a a hop step & a “march” over the Concourse to the ground. yes

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Try again che

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I have a baby due three days earlier (well not me, my wife). If I do turn up to march and drink with WOB it will likely result in my death as my wife will kill me.

… fark it I’m in


The walk from fed square to the G, is probably the same distance from fed square to Etihad (rough guess)

Fed square is always a decent meeting point for a lot of people

See you there. Hopefully we create a few traffic hold ups on the way

I have a very selective memory when it comes to both footy and wives. I only remember the games we win and I only remember everything bad about wives.

So last year we have some really good wins at the Dome and also at the G. that is what drives me to go to games this year; plus Walla doing some magic, Fanta being freakish, McKenna and Saad going for a run, and the Return of the Joey; taking a massive grab and wheeling arund a slotting a goal from 60.

And I still get great joy of the memries as a kid of Jack Clarke and John Birt hitting Ted Fordham and Ken Fraser on the chest with a stab pass, of Bluey Shelton running through opponents and Alec Epis of knocking out opponents, plus all that happened inbetween.

Glass half-full


do we have our own version of this bloke?