Round 10 Non Essendon Games (RIP Hot n Spicy Nuggs)

I don’t know who’s playing this week but after elbowing someone in the face @Diggers boy gets to play.

Onto more important issues @barnz bought out the entire supply:

And that’s exactly what i did.


Dees v Crows looks to be the pick of the non-Essendon games. Hawks have the Eagles down here at Etihad as well. Hopefully the Cats smash Fark Carlton.

regular nuggets should be $9

save a dollar for the disappointment

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The hot and spicy nugs are a shocker. Bright orange lumps of false advertising

delete yourself

You know he’s right

Me and the young fella celebrated our win last week…48 nugs for $20.

Bright Orange

False advertising





yes can tell thats a maccas nugget. you have a problem

Guilty as charged would not know one nug from another.

Was about go rant about the lack of 2MP selection but they have a bye.

Hawks any chance against Eagles?

I hope the Eagles dismember them !

Earlier in the week, the WC vs Haw line was at just 4.5 points…I was very surprised…I expect it has grown a little since then, but still not very big considering their respective results last weekend.

Hawks will win

Geelong and ■■■■ carlton is in Geelong. Carlton might not even score

I look forward to carlton getting thrashed by the cats

Getting scheduled to play in Geelong is an indication of how far fark FC have fallen. A home game at Cazaly Stadium will be the final humiliation.

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I went to our last game in Geelong. It was 25 years ago…


I think that’s why we pushed for the country game so we don’t have to go down there. Carlton are going down there and Richmond went down there last year. Hawthorn have Easter Monday, I think it was a smart decision to get the country game going.