Round 10 Other Games

So there’s a game tonight…

Don’t tell me, let me guess…

Nah, no idea, and that’s fine.

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Ooh thanks, haven’t done my tips yet.

This game tonight could be a real cracker & should reveal a lot about the legitimacy of these 2

I don’t watch Thursday games.

scotty gets his thread back. balance restored.

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Sydney v Whorethorn tomorrow is massive. Loser is done for the year.

I’d rather hawks win, as they won’t play finals anyway. Swans are still dangerous imo


Na, ■■■■ Hawthorn. I want them in pain, I want 10k at their next home game, I want them to lose 50k of their bandwagon ■■■■ members, I want them riddled in debt, I want them to the point of merger again.

I really dislike hawthorn (if you couldn’t tell)


This is one of the best rounds of the year…TOP ten clubs all play each other .Bottom eight clubs all play each other.
Could have 6 teams on 6 wins not all of them in the 8

Is there any rhyme or reason for Thursday night games some weeks?

Because AFL. Gets better in the bye weeks with a Thursday game and 1 game on a Sunday

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Ports indigenous kit is mint

5 in a row now I think

At least it’s an extra game on free to air.

There’ll be Thursday night every week next year with those gambling ad law changes.


Why are people saying Geelong are flag favorite?

Because they won last week.


Unfortunately it’s not. They remove the Sat arvo game on these weeks.

There are actually less FTA games this year than ever before.

Who TF is saying that??

Not a prayer for mine.

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