Round 10

The in form Richmond take on a Freo side who have never…ever…won 10 in a row before.

Freo will smash 'em

Who fu**ing cares what richmond have or haven’t done

Freo by 10 goals

Fark I hate Richmond.

Still can’t believe we lost to those carnts.

Freo by 10 goals

Or not

I’m going to stop pretend I know anything about football.

Freo booing their own goals lol

Tiges can’t miss in front of goals.
Richmond 6 goals straight. MJohnson looks like he has done his hammy in his 200th game.

Vickery - pulling himself off, off the ground that is… too late.

Tiges have kicked 7 straight.

Johnson subbed out.

we would have kicked 1.6 at this stage

Richmond playing this well is ■■■■■■■ depressing

So many players falling over…plenty of boot changes at quarter time I would think

What is happening!?!??!

Tiges - Delidio has kicked their 8th

Farking Richmond.

Hooker got 50m penalty for less than Chaplin did.

Great to see that Essendon players must now be giving seminars to other teams on “How not to play football: An Essington guide to providing false hope.”

Ballantyne kicks Freo’s second.
Margin still 36 points.