Round 13 2023 Non Essendon Games

Oh yeah,

There’s a game tonight


Sydney appear to be favourites, do they have players back, I’m tipping them.

How many centuries will this be for Smith?


Rampe is back i think

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I am at least hoping they beat StKilda

Swans weren’t overly flash against a pretty average Carlton before their bye but Rampe in makes their defensive structure miles better. Saints form has been very, very shaky, plus add in a big milestone for Buddy, tipping Sydney tonight.

hoping Saints get back on track for a win here.
Ross will out coach longmire.

Now you’ve done it…


Better result for Bombers if Swans win. Also hoping Port beat Dogs.


True, he could get a double century tonight. Then the single century would not exist anymore.

Imagine not selecting Ashwin :rofl:

nah Swans win and they are back in the hunt for the 8.

So you think it’s preferable for a team 2 games and percentage behind us to lose to a team that is on the same points as us with a better percentage?

Well, you got me stumped.


The bin chickens can get ■■■■■■. But they are allowed to win tonight


Hope they both lose.
Packs of ■■■■■.

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What a player. Hope he turns it on tonight. I mean, I’ll be watching Travball, but good luck Bud.

Fark RTB


On one hand Sydney winning means we can jump st kilda. On the other hand, we still have to play Sydney and we don’t want them to be good. On the third hand, fark Sydney and fark Buddy.


It’ll be showtime in Sydney. The Buddy Franklin 350 games show and the tannoy will be loud and deafening.

You’ve gotta give it over to him. Some career no matter if he behaved like an eejit at times. And he’s often spoke out about racism in defence of others in AFL or outside over the years.

Well over 1000 goals. Bagged 113 one season.
13 club leading goalkicker awards
8 AAs
2 flags
4 Colemans

He’s always had the turnstiles clicking.
Not sure he’ll getting too many kicks tonight but Swans will be up and about. SCG will be loud.



Lance Franklin milestone games :

100th - v St Kilda
200th - v St Kilda
300th - v St Kilda
350th - v St Kilda


I worked out today that if he plays every game for the remainder of the season and then hangs them up, that he will retire having played almost the same number of games for Hawthorn and Sydney. Very close anyway.

It’d be 361 games
182 for Hawthorn
179 for Sydney

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