Round 13 Essendon Bye Week Games

I know that some get tired of the bagging of the channel 7 commentary team but this is astonishingly bad tv production, pregame with Nic Natanui, Lingy captain obvious and BT with his back to the camera. It’s like trying to watch a bunch of blokes whom you don’t know, having a conversation at the pub.

Had to be seen to be believed.

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Is there really ANOTHER game tonight? Why?

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Not sure if anyone is aware but he’s very tall and athletic.

Lol. Why would you be watching that ■■■■ when you could be watching the port game again? Up to my third viewing.

That first quarter was something like 17 F50 entries, 14 scoring shots, the three rebounds were the Tippa missed mark (would’ve been a goal) Green nom free for in the back (would’ve been a goal) and one regular rebound.

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@Riolio’s favourite player kickin goals early.


I’m calling it someone’s getting knocked out cold tonight

Stop booing everything you ■■■■■■■ imbeciles.

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That advantage was total BS. The umpire had his hand in the air and waited to see if the ball went through before he waved it on.

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How could BT watch that video and say Shuey didn’t collect Dangerfield in the head? Or doesn’t he think the face is part of the head.

In my book, he should get 4 weeks for running past the ball to collect someone in the head. Running past the ball to hit someone is dodgy enough.

Noticed Selwood has worked out a new way to stage for frees, …

I’d love it if Nic Natanui decided to showboat and get blue and gold strands around his dreads. It’d make him the Rick James of AFL.

Unless he handballed, how in dafuq was that not HTB against (I think) Darling just outside the goal square?


That’s just where the wide receiver wants the pass from the quarterback…


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Cockatoo. Loves a celebrate.

Selwood usually looks like he’s gone 15 rounds with Mike Tyson after a game…


I’ve muted 7 and got the radio going. BT, Basil and Ling is enough to make you want to chop your ■■■■ off with a samurai sword.


I have a vague recollection of hating him.

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