Round 13 Essendon v Fark Northern @ Windy Hill, 2:10pm Saturday 15 July 2017


Big thanks to DJR, BSD, Riley et al for their excellent commentary. I love being a Bomber fan and the VFL coverage we get makes it even better.


They said the same thing about one J. Hird.


The footy live app has us sitting 4th after 12 games ?


On Mutch. In his pre-draft testing and bio's he was slow - really slow.
However that run down tackle was anything but slow. For those that have seen him play over the year, what's his pace like?
I'm hoping he's one of those players that is a lot faster on the ground and is just not good at testing. Either that or he ran slow so GWS would not take him.


My biggest concern is indeed that he is slow...and I've only come to that perspective after watching him in some matches.

For that tackle I think he maintained top speed, in a straight line, while the opponent baulked back into his line. That's from my memory.

I want to see him tried as an inside mid eventually, using his dual-sidedness. Just my view...


He takes short steps. Not fearful non-committed, he just seems to have a short stride.


Even the slowest of players can get a run down now and then. He ran continuously and then the pressure from a teammate caused the NB player to have to jag inside to evade - straight into Mutch


If you scroll forward to rounds 16 & 17 in the footy live app, they've got our first game against Richmond, plus some other game between footscray and someone.
Those games aren't included in the footy live ladder so the VFL ladder is more accurate


Yeah agree. Hence the question.


Agree with this - from what I've seen, he's an inside mid - could do the Hepp role.


When's he ever played midfield. Didn't at brisbane or didn't measure up


The teammate was Nick Hind, Mutch had no hope in chasing down Pickett but Hind ran him down to the point where Pickett had to baulk and change direction allowing Mutch to catch up and nail the tackle.

Was a great effort by both lads.


I worded that poorly, that 2nd bit referred to LAV


Had a look at the game today and it was a very positive display. A few observations

Mutch - didn't get a lot of it but liked the look of him, seems a genuine inside/outside guy. He is a really nice size and seemed to make good decisions. I like the fact that he is confident to use his left.

Francis - really good game, pretty dominate across half back. He wasn't going for the million dollar plays as much as usual and looked far more composed (with a few brain fades). That's the kind of game I want to see as he builds. Glad he now has the fitness to play in defence, still looked good in the last.

Long - best game I've see him play for a while, didn't get a heap of it but was just far more composed than usual but still creative. Has much more penetration on his kicks than I thought.

Langford - this guy really excites me, the one step 50 meter post high bombs, the one step searing passes, the ability to give off the handball when tackled. There is something special there I just think it's a ' pace of the game' thing and he just isn't there yet.

Redman - he looks very good athletically, a pretty dynamic player and looked damaging both forward and back. Good user, aggressive and again another that's a really good size.

Laverde - great game as a a predominate deep forward. Very powerful player. Like to see him play higher up the ground and go through the middle more but yes he is a class above this level

Begley - good to see him running through the middle but didn't get involved that often. I noticed a few times that his contested work was encouraging. There was one piece of play in the last where he he hit the pack at pace, won the ball, burst through about three Carlton players and hit the ball on his left which was a highlight.

Ridley - didn't get much of it.

Clarke - certainly has a crack and a good body shape but didn't get a lot if it.

Howlett, Hocking, Stanton pretty dominate.

All in all a really positive display from most of our listed guys the kind of display that you gives you some confidence in our depth, albeit Carlton were very poor.


Mutch had no preferred foot.


Stanton’s 28 kicks was 5 more than anyone else in the VFL for the week.


I thought he had a decent game. Found the ball at both ends, used it well and competed physically one on one. He's a fair way off regular senior footy, however he still has the body of a teenager and it looks like they're trying to teach him new roles.


I’m still pretty bullish on redman, he has all the tools and is learning different roles as he developed his small body. Got no issues with him being around for the next two years.