Round 15 2019 Non Essendon games - screw bltn

Well this is going to be a bit more enjoyable when we actaully win on Thursday.

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Get to sit back and laugh at 8 other loser clubs.


2MP vs Sydney

Come at me @Diggers


Mixed emotions. It’s how I feel when Sydney plays Essington.

Fortunately you won’t have that problem next week.

The fixture has been changed?

Didn’t you hear?
Woosha’s turned the corner!

Essendon have a good coach. So does Sydney.

Can’t ■■■■■■■ stand Geelong and their ■■■■ named (wtf is a Gryan?) Pelicans.

■■■■ off Geelong

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Hope the Cows get smashed

Blicavs is tall and athletic.

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Knights on AFL Nation. Asked if offered another crack at a senior role what he do it. Did the standard diplomatic answer but the bloke is certianly keen to go again.

You’d just have to think its cold in Geelong.

Thanks Lingy.

You’d have to think that Scotty21 is the only one watching this game.

Thanks Lingy


Knights will be be staring at the phone, waiting for a new club to call.

Then the phone suddenly rings!

Knights: “Hello? Who’s there? Hello?..Why won’t you speak dammit!”

He hangs up, disappointed.

And just like that, Knights’ chance at senior coaching redemption passed him by.

(Long-term fans will understand the twist in this fanfic tale)


Danger and the ducker lubed up good an proper

Looking forward to this match. Adelaide losing is good for us in terms of staying in touch with the 8. Geelong losing at home is frankly delicious, particularly the Scott melts.

Blicavs is tall and athletic

Much as i dislike geelong. We need them to beat Tex and the pie and pea men.

Blicavs is a pushover.